What Do the Jews Think about Jesus?

I haven’t posted here for a long time. To say that I miss Tim would be an understatement. My life has changed significantly since he’s been gone. I find it difficult to stay motivated. Tonight I felt strongly that I needed to get to work on the site again. So here goes. Here’s an article that Tim wrote a little over a year ago. I have many more.

Folks are also submitting poems and testimonies weekly. I’m so back-logged at this point that I really have no idea how I’ll ever catch up. I really don’t think I will. But anyway, here you go. Another article from Tim.

What Do the Jews Believe About Jesus?

The Story – HE IS RISEN!

Jim Price sent us this very poignant and timely poem . . . so that we can remember that Jesus is no longer dead. He is alive. He is active. And what He did so long ago gives us heaven. We look forward to eternal life with Him forever. We need have no fear of death. Death has no power.


The Story – An Easter Poem

Tell Them of His Love – A Christian Poem

Thank you Lanette for your first poem submitted to our site! It’s something I think about a lot. Do my children know the all-encompassing love of the Father? Do they realize that His love is deeper than mine? Do they understand that His love is eternal? My job, as their earthly father, is to help them develop their relationship with their heavenly Father.

Tell Them of His Love

Empty Vessel – A Christian Poem by Mike

Mike and Mark keep sending in thought-provoking and encouraging poetry. I have loads to publish — I’m just slow to do so. Pray for focus for me so I can get more poems posted, more testimonies posted, and more of Tim’s work posted. Thanks again for your poetry Mike. It’s much appreciated.

Empty Vessel

Leave Sin Behind and Trust God’s Promises

As I was posting this article today, I could literally hear Tim’s voice talking to me. I could see his face and I remembered his life. These words weren’t lip service for him. These words were him. He spoke them, displayed them, lived them.

If you’ve sinned too many times, if you’re feeling hopeless and that you’ve done too much for God to forgive, stop! Trust Him. Trust His promises. Though your sins are as scarlet, they shall be white as snow. He wants us to return to Him, forsake our lives of sin then live out a life of faith in His Word.

Leave Your Sin Behind and Return to Jesus

One Day – Another Poem from Mark T

Mark has been sending me inspirational poems for the last couple weeks. Pretty regularly, I’ll get a text with some inspired words sent for the purpose of encouraging me! And the words are coming at a time when I really need encouragement. It reminds me that a kindly-placed word carries much weight. Here’s one of his recent poems.

One Day

Another Poem by Mark

Mark has a tendency to write poems when he’s on the city bus, his way to work. I’m not sure that this one was born in that fashion, but I’d bet it was. Do you have a time like that each day that you can devote to the Lord? Thanks Mark, for the encouraging poem.

The Missing Key

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