Vanessa’s Story of God’s Grace

It’s easy to forget (at least for me) how easy we have it sometimes. My life, although I’ve had some difficulties, has been pretty much cake. I have a good job, a healthy family, every possession I could possibly want (well, not everything!), a thriving church community and unbelievable, supportive friends. My kids have it pretty easy too. They’re healthy, have a good school, a supportive family, lots of play time, lots of toys, plenty of food . . .

Not everyone has it so easy. Vanessa certainly didn’t. From a young age she was rejected and abused. In her testimony she describes how she survived her childhood and teenage years and how Christ sought her out and gave her a new hope and a new life.

Amazing. Beautiful. Inspiring.

Vanessa’s Christian Testimony

One thought on “Vanessa’s Story of God’s Grace

  1. Jeffrey Denney

    God bless you Vanessa and praise Jesus you found him at your age I at 53 am just now trying write my testamony of very similar childhood . your story has helped me very much on how to write it and keep the lords glory in it you are a brave young lady and may the lord protect you forever Jd


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