Victoria’s Story

In Victoria’s words —

Shamans and “healers” alike can help solve one’s problems but they can never cure a soul. I remain with a strong conviction that only God can do it. He has redeemed me from three major burdens of my life — anger, resentment and solitude -– and filled in the emptiness in my heart. He has opened a new perspective in life for me and showed me its purpose.

Victoria’s Christian Testimony

One thought on “Victoria’s Story

  1. Linda CW

    Very good testimony.
    Victoria says “shamans can help cure problems,” but they are demons!
    White witchcraft (invoking demons) does “good” too!
    But an awful price must be paid! God forbids such things in the Bible.
    Jesus – or nothing, for me! 🙂
    So glad she found the Lord!
    God bless…


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