Our Site Mission (and map)

First and foremost, we aim to bring glory and recognition to Jesus Christ, our Lord and God and Savior.  If this site fails to realize that goal, then no matter how many people read it or use it, it’s still a failure. He changed our lives; He’s living right now; He deserves all honor and respect simply because He is. Take the time to meet Him. Your life depends on it.

To assist you in your study, we recommend e-sword, the one of the greatest free programs of all time. It will greatly assist you as you study God’s Word.

What We Believe
This page gives a very brief statement of my faith. In other words, this page explains what I believe to be the essential elements for salvation, according to the Bible.

Messianic Prophecies
Find many Old Testament prophecies about Jesus and their fulfillments in the New Testament.

Do you know Him?
This page is for non-Christians, or for those who think they are Christians but aren’t sure how to answer when confronted with the question, “Do you know Him?” Often people don’t really know if they know Jesus or not. Read this page to find out what Scripture says about knowing Jesus.

Read various articles regarding conservative, fundamental Christianity.

Articles on Christian Living
Live the good life.

Articles on a Different Theological Topics
Find questions from our site viewers and our answers. Read articles on baptism, transubstantiation, communion, the deity of Jesus, the inerrancy of Scripture, and other Christian basics.

Articles on False Religions
Untrue religions aim to deceive people. See if you’re being deceived.

Bible Answers
Do you have any difficult questions you want answered? My Bible Answer Dude has been a pastor, has graduated from seminary and possesses more biblical knowledge than anyone else I know. Of course, we must remember that ONLY Scripture is God-breathed and infallible. But our team (one guy) of Bible experts will welcome any and all questions. Try him!

Daily Verse
I post a new verse here every day. Get to know Jesus by getting into His letter to us.

True Christian Testimonies
Read some far-out testimonies of the love and power and mercy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Submit your own testimony, too. I’ll post it.

Contact Us
We want to hear from everyone. Send in your testimonies, poems and questions. We’d love to hear how God is working in your life.