Updated "About Us" Page

OK, I’ve updated the ABOUT US page and now there’s new information about Tim, me and the evolution of truthsaves.

I looked at the About Us page the other day and I noticed it said, “I don’t have any kids . . .” Since I have two kids I thought, hm, this page needs to be updated.

We’ve also received some questions asking about Tim. Questions like, “Who are you and why should we trust what you say?” So, we decided that our About Us page needed to include some information about Tim.

Not only that, but we thought readers might appreciate a little information about how the site has evolved over the years.

So, here it is. Our new, revamped About Us page.

New Testimony on truthsaves.org – Arrested!

Read this Christian testimony of being arrested for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This testimony tells the story of an arrest . . . typically the testimonies posted on this site tell of a conversion experience. Webster defines the word “testimony” as:

1. an open acknowledgment or
2. a public profession of religious experience.

I think that leaves it pretty wide open.

So, take some time to read Henry’s story of being arrested for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a good reminder that no matter what the cost, we need to be confidently and openly sharing our faith.

New Article–Addicted to Pornography

Those who pursue pornography are like oxen that go willingly to the slaughter. Its house is the way to hell, descending to the chambers of death.

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I really don’t have an excuse. We’ve posted a new article on truthsaves. It discusses pornography. Some people dismiss the subject as unimportant or “no big deal.” We feel differently. Those who pursue pornography are like oxen that go willingly to the slaughter. Its house is the way to hell, descending to the chambers of death.

Read the article here.

New Outline on truthsaves . . . Ecclesiastes

An outline and overview of Ecclesiastes. The book of Ecclesiastes has been the point of much controversy. I see Ecclesiastes as a book that looks at life apart from God.

OK . . . just posted the Ecclesiastes outline.

Ecclesiastes is one of those books that has been maligned to the max. But Tim does a good job of putting things into perspective.

Check out the outline of Ecclesiastes.

New Article on truthsaves – The Sabbath

Should Christians meet on Saturday or Sunday? Does it matter? Should we keep the Sabbath?

Recently Tim sent me an article he wrote a few years back. He’s updated it a little, and now it’s ready for publication! The topic? The Sabbath. Do we, as Christians, need to keep it? Should we be meeting on Saturday instead of Sunday?

Read the article here.

How to Handle Pain

Does God seem distant? These basics of Christianity will help guide you through the difficult times.

We just posted a new article on truthsaves. I had a hard time naming it . . . but I called it, “Life is Falling Apart.” It’s the mini-story of a lady who wrote us asking for advice on how to connect with God. She has been suffering through a lot of pain. I think we all go through times in life where God seems distant. Our faith feels emotionless. How do we get through these times? Tim shares some good insights, some basics of Christianity that we (I, anyway) often forget.

Check out the article.

Esther Outline and New Poem on truthsaves

The content’s just rolling in now!

I’ve just posted another outline on truthsaves. This one gives a brief overview and outline of the Old Testament book of Esther.

I’ve also posted another poem from Tim. Again, his poetic abilities have floored me! The poem reminds me how easy it is to let sin creep into our lives and take up residence there. We have to make a conscious decision to eject it. Read this little vignette . . . the story of three words.

Read Tim’s poem, “I Have Sinned,” here.

Check out our outline of Esther here.

Ezra Outline and Nehemiah Outline . . .

An outline of Ezra and an outline of Nehemiah, two Old Testament books.

We’ve recently (like a few minutes ago) added two new outlines to truthsaves. Each gives a brief overview of the book and a brief outline of the main points of the book. The outlines are on the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. We’ve (well, Tim has) finished Old Testament outlines up through Jeremiah. I simply have to get them formatted (which will take me a bit of time) for the site. So keep checking back in the next few days and you’ll see some new outlines.

See the outline of Ezra here.

See the outline of Nehemiah here.

New Article and Poem on truthsaves . . .

I’ve just had a reader ask, “How do you know when God is speaking to you?” I think this is a question we’ve all asked at some point in our lives. Does God still speak to us? And how can we know? Tim has written a though-provoking article on the topic.

Read it here.

Tim also sent me a poem that goes along with his article. The poem is entitled, “The God Who Speaks.” I didn’t know Tim was such a good poet, at least not in the past, but after he wrote a previous one entitled “When Death Marches Through the Land,” I realized he had been holding out on me.

Read “The God Who Speaks” here.