A Heartbreaking Poem from Nicholas Gonzalez

Nicholas has gone through a long and heartbreaking journey with his wife as cancer ravaged her body.

She recently passed but Nicholas is pressing on, as we all must do when tragedy strikes.

God is using Nicholas mightily to spread His truth as he deals with the loss of his wife. Many would blame God or lose hope. But Nicholas continues to place his trust and faith in God and is a bright light in a very dark place.

Check out Nicholas’ website and check out his ministry on Twitter.

Here is Nicholas’ first poem posted on our website. Enjoy. I’ll be posting more poetry from Nicholas soon.

Unnamed Poem

This poem reminds us that our job is to submit to His will and remain faithful ’til the end.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what God’s thinking. Our lives seem full of needless suffering and pain. We do all we can to please Him . . . yet, life remains hard. We don’t understand.

This poem reflects on God’s sovereignty as He guides and directs our lives. Our job is simply to submit to His will and remain faithful ’til the end.

Unnamed Poem

As Jesus Hung

As life ebbed from the two thieves, they took radically different paths. One chose life, the other death. Which will you choose?

Have you given any thought to what it must have been like for Jesus to watch the two thieves, as He hung on the cross? The thieves paint a perfect picture of us; one chose life, and the other chose death.

Just like them, we have a choice. We can choose to follow Jesus, and accept the invitation to His eternal party, or we can reject Him and choose never-ending suffering.

The choice seems easy to me.

As Jesus Hung

My Brother the King

My Brother the King takes the reader on a journey from creation to the present.

This beautifully crafted poem by Tim takes the reader on a journey from creation to the present.

It paints a vivid picture of Jesus Christ, our King, and how He unveiled His perfect plan – in order for us to be His friends and to spend eternity with Him.

My Brother the King

Jesus – Another Poem by Mike

Mechanical prayer doesn’t cut it. We serve a living God who loves us and wants to interact with us.

Mike Bullock is a fount of poetry.

He’s recently sent us another poem he entitled “Jesus.” It’s a good reminder not to let our prayer lives get mechanical.

Read Mike’s latest submission:


P.S. Don’t forget to check out his site . . . Mike’s Odes.


Mike’s poem, Mirror, calls for a sincere self-evaluation. Are we truly living for Him?

Mike’s latest submission reminds us to examine our lives. Are we living for Him? What do we see when we look inside? Purity? Peace? Conflict? Rage? Lust?

Help God do what He wants to do; purify your life.

Read Mike’s latest:


Don’t forget to check out Mike’s amazing site: Mike’s Odes.