Randy’s Christian Testimony

Randy suffered from epilepsy. He had seizures. He lost hope. But one day he saw a picture of Jesus hanging on the cross. That picture reminded him that Jesus died for him–that Jesus had a plan for his life. He quit feeling sorry for himself and started working on his relationship with Jesus. Find out what happened after that by click on the link below.

Randy’s Christian Testimony

The Jews—Still God’s People?

Weren’t all the promises of God to the Jews fulfilled at the cross? Why then do people still refer to them as “God’s People?”

So many people talk about the Jews as being “God’s people” and about all the things He’s yet going to do for them. After the cross, all one has to do to become part of God’s family is have faith in Jesus Christ. So why would God give the Jews any special consideration? Weren’t all His promises to the Jews fulfilled at the cross?

The Jews – Still God’s People?

Savior on the Cross

Jesus paid an awful price so we could have eternal life. We owe Him our allegiance. A moving poem.

Can you imagine a crowd of people screaming at you, pushing you, punching you . . . all the while knowing they were planning to kill you in a grotesque manner?

I broke my nose last week and had to have it reset yesterday. The anticipation of the pain made me very nervous (yes, I’m a complete and utter wimp). When I felt (and heard) the bones grinding in my face, I thought, “This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt!” But getting a nose snapped back in place is nothing compared to what Jesus endured for us.

Cindy’s poem reminds us that Jesus paid the price for our sins, by suffering a gruesome, painful death that He knew about beforehand – so we could have eternal life.

Savior on the Cross

As Jesus Hung

As life ebbed from the two thieves, they took radically different paths. One chose life, the other death. Which will you choose?

Have you given any thought to what it must have been like for Jesus to watch the two thieves, as He hung on the cross? The thieves paint a perfect picture of us; one chose life, and the other chose death.

Just like them, we have a choice. We can choose to follow Jesus, and accept the invitation to His eternal party, or we can reject Him and choose never-ending suffering.

The choice seems easy to me.

As Jesus Hung

Is the Peace Sign Bad?

Does the peace sign represent something evil?

The peace sign represents an inverted, broken cross! So say some people. Others see it as a symbol for nuclear disarmament. Most people, today, see it as the universal symbol for peace.

Is the peace sign something evil?

Find out what we think in our article:

Is the Peace Sign Bad?

Some Easter Poems

A collection of Easter poems reminding us of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

As Christians, Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection remain fixed in our minds. But as Good Friday and Easter approach, it’s good to remember the price Jesus paid for us. Mark has written some thought-provoking poems reminding us of Jesus’ sacrifice.

The Servants Way
Prelude to the Cross
A Lamb Among Wolves

Thanks you Jesus! And thank you, Mark, for the reminders.