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Who Is Our Savior?  ER
If you’re new to Christianity, this article is for you. It explains, in a nutshell, God’s plan of salvation for our lives. Being a Christian isn’t remotely like joining some religion; it’s about a faith relationship with the Jesus of the Bible. He is our Savior and our God.

Have I Committed the Unpardonable Sin? NEW!
If we’re concerned that we’ve committed the unpardonable sin, we probably haven’t.

Do Good Works Lead To Salvation? NEW!
We do not believe that good works lead to salvation.

Was Paul’s Inspiration All Divine Revelation? NEW!
Was Paul’s inspiration all divine revelation? Or did he have access to other apostolic writings?

Can Jesus Help Me Financially? Mentally? Medically? NEW!
God can help us out in many ways: financially, mentally, physically . . . But even if He helped with all of these matters, as serious as they are, and left us in our sins, we would be helped not at all.

Jeremiah 17:9 – Further Commentary
Is the human heart desperately wicked?

Are you a Colossians 3 Christian?
Authentic Christianity is about our love. Do we love God supremely, above all? This is the first and great command.

Is the Book of Revelation About Rome?
Some thoughts on partial preterism, Dr. Oakes, Rome, and the book of Revelation.

Does Luck Exist? Is God In Control?
The Christian God, the sovereign Christian God, overrules and overpowers all your views of luck.

Should I Hate My Parents? Is That What the Bible Says?
John 14:26. It can be a confusing verse. What does it mean?

Jeremiah 17:9 – An Anomaly In Modern English Translations
Jeremiah 17:9 – Lost in translation?

Your Thoughts Can Deceive You
Your thoughts can deceive you. And Satan isn’t called the deceiver of the brethren for no reason. He will do his absolute best to make you feel condemned.

Are the Dead Sea Scrolls Really Ancient Texts?
Are the Dead Sea Scrolls legitimate? How do we know they weren’t placed there by some scammer?

Why Did God Remove His Spirit From King Saul?
Why did God remove His Spirit from King Saul? Did God ever forgive King Saul?

Evangelicals Interpret the Bible Incorrectly When It Comes to Baptism
Again, this is another popular topic. Baptism. This article goes a little more in depth about how Evangelicals interpret various verses like Acts 2:38, Acts 22:16, 1 Peter 3:21 and Mark 16:16.

Jesus Has Left Me; I Have No Hope
I wonder what the most popular topic is on this website. This very well may be it.

Is Faith Enough? YES.
Wow. We could probably have a whole website devoted to the topic of whether or not the act of baptism brings salvation.

Jesus—The Eternal One
Jesus Christ died to pay our sin debt once and for all.

Understanding Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
Nick Phelps is a new contributor to truthsaves. This is his first article. Welcome Nick!

An Overview of the Book of Ezekiel – Part 3
Here is part 3 of Nathan’s overview of Ezekiel.

An Overview of the Book of Ezekiel – Part 2
Here we have the second installment of the exposition on the book of Ezekiel, again written by Nathan.

An Overview of the Book of Ezekiel – Part 1
Here is an overview of the book of Ezekiel, written by Nathan Nymeyer.

Is Hell Really Eternal?
Is Hell really eternal? As in forever?

Is There Really Such a Thing as Demonic Possession?
Is there really such a thing as demonic possession? We don’t see a lot of “real” spiritual warfare going on these days it seems.

The Ongoing, Never-Ending Dialogue about Baptism
Does baptism save us? Or is it something else?

I Have Fallen Away – Can I Still Be Saved?
I feel like I’ve sinned too much and for too long. I feel that I can never be accepted by Jesus. Am I doomed to hell?

Is It Possible For Me To See & Meet Jesus?
As a Hindu, I am used to our “gods” feeling dead. Lifeless. Invisible. I believe in Jesus and feel Him. But I want to see Him. To meet Him. To convince my family that He is real.

The Resurrection of the Body – Is the Body Important to God?
Why did Satan try to steal Moses’ body? Why did God hide Moses’ body? Can the body be resurrected if it has been destroyed?

Are We Saved By Faith Alone? Or Must We Act?
We cannot earn God’s favor by our works (Ephesians 2:8-9; Titus 3:5). This is clear in Scripture. Salvation is always by the grace of God. But this does not mean that we have no part in the process.

The Tribulation – Will Christians Have to Go Through It?
We believe that Christians prepared for the coming of Christ — when He comes as a thief in the night — will be spared from the tribulation.

How Can I Remove the Constant Guilt of Sin?
Sometimes the crushing weight of our sin destroys our hope.

Is It Essential For Salvation to Believe that Jesus Is God?
Must we believe in the deity of Jesus Christ in order to be saved?

Is Jesus the True God? An Overview of the Trinity
Is Jesus the true God? Did He exist from eternity? Was He created? These questions and more are answered in this article.

Five-fold Ministry – Is It Important?
How important is the five-fold ministry? And are there any good books on the topic?

Joyce Meyer and the Prosperity Gospel
Do we recommend the teachings of Joyce Meyer?

I Am Living in Fear Every Day
Living in fear is no way to live.

I’m Not Sure if I’m Saved or Not
I’m not confident of my salvation. I feel as if I’ve sinned too much to return to God. No matter what I do, I can’t feel Him.

The Proper Role of Religious Rituals
We see a variety of religious rituals. What is the importance of such rituals? Are they good? Are they necessary?

Where did Gentiles Come From After the Flood?
Where and who did Gentiles come from?

Can a Christian Die in Sin and Still Go to Heaven?
What if a Christian sins then dies before they ask for forgiveness?

What the Heck Is the Aorist Tense?
Aorist or not-aorist . . . whatever! If you think you’ve committed the unpardonable sin, you probably haven’t! We’ve spoken about this at length on our site, so please try a search for “unpardonable,” “unforgivable,” “purposeful sin,” etc. Or try clicking the related articles links that show up at the end of each article.

Will God Accept My Infant Baptism? Should I Be Re-baptized?
Does God accept infant baptism? Does Scripture ever teach baptism before belief?

I Had Sex With Another Man — Will God Forgive Me?
Does God forgive sins of homosexuality?

Creating an Accurate Chronology of Scripture
Creating an accurate chronology of the events of Scripture is probably not a doable task.

Jesus Used Marijuana
Jesus used marijuana. He was anointed with it. Quit being so condemning of marijuana use!

I am Suffering
Storms will come. Read Lamentations 3 sometime. Look at Job. And keep your eyes fixed on the hope of the grace brought to us when Christ is revealed (1 Peter 1:13).

Christians Are Hypocrites
We all undoubtedly have errors in our doctrine at some point. Those errors will be corrected in heaven. Jesus never calls us to get all of our doctrine right. He calls us to love.

Truth: Glimpses of Christ in the Hebrew word “truth”
Sometimes we run across some hidden gems in Scripture accidentally. We did so in the Hebrew word for “truth” (emet).

Can a Christian Fall Away and Return to God?
Is it possible to be receive salvation after a Christian has fallen away or intentionally sinned?

What Does My Dream Mean?
Does God send us dreams to communicate with us?

Astrology — Is it Useful for Christians?
Is the use of astrology supported in Scripture? Should Christians be messing with it?

Health and Wealth — the Purpose of Christianity?
So many preach the “prosperity gospel.” Is it sound? Is health and wealth really the purpose of Christianity?

How did Satan Sin if Sin Didn’t Exist in Heaven?
Was Satan created in the image of God? How did Satan sin if sin didn’t exist in heaven? Did Satan have free will?

Was the Bible Written by One Person?
Is it possible that just one person wrote the Bible?

How Do We Know the Bible Is True?
What evidence is there that the Bible is true? How do we know the New Testament wasn’t written before the Old Testament, just to make everything fit together nicely?

The Conjuring–Is it a True Story?
Is the movie The Conjuring a true story or a bunch of hogwash designed to make money?

How Does God Provide Atonement for Sin?
Is atonement for sin acquired through the shedding of blood? Or is atonement for sin acquired via prayer?

Correcting Error in the Church
Shouldn’t one of our primary missions be to seek out and correct theological error in the church?

Rewards in Heaven
As believers in Christ our rewards are not here on earth, but in heaven.

I Think I Have Lost My Salvation
Don’t let Satan fool you into believing that God’s promises aren’t true!

Faith vs Election–The Path to Salvation
If salvation is really a free gift from God, then why does man have to do something to receive it?

Why Christians Believe in the Trinity
Why do Christians believe in the Trinity? It doesn’t make any sense.

Determining a False Teacher
How can we distinguish a false teacher from a teller of the truth?

Christians Should Be Baptized
The Bible makes it clear that Christians should be baptized. But does the Bible make it clear that baptism is required for salvation?

Christians Are Bigoted People
I’ve met a lot of people who are mean, nasty and close-minded who call themselves “Christians” and can quote the Bible.

God’s Grace Is Sufficient
Hebrews 12:14 says we must be holy and pursue peace with all people in order to see God. So is God’s grace really sufficient?

Torture–Is it Ever Justified?
Is torture OK in certain situations, or is it always an act of evil?

False Teachers–Calvinists Don’t Get It!
Shouldn’t we always be on the lookout for false teachers? And when we find them, shouldn’t we stand against them and proclaim the real truth?

Baptism Saves
I know you must have faith to be saved, but it looks like, according to Mark 16:16, that you must have faith and also be baptized to be saved.

Different Christian Beliefs
I have a friend who believes in Calvinism and another who believes in Aminianism and another who believes in dispensationalism and so on and so forth. They are always bickering about everything. Is this healthy for Christians?

Paul’s Epistles–All Christians Need?
Someone told me that all Christians really need to study are Paul’s epistles. Is there a group promoting such a viewpoint?

Is Jesus God or God’s Son?
Is Jesus God? Or is He God’s Son? I find verses that seem to say both.

Double Predestination
Does God choose some people for salvation and choose others for hell? The idea of predestination doesn’t really seem fair.

Was Jonah the Son of the Widow at Zarephath?
Tradition has it that Jonah was the son of the widow at Zarephath. But is that supported in Scripture?

Should Churches Sell Stuff?
Some churches sell merchandise in the building. Isn’t this like the money changers that Jesus angrily drove out?

What Does My Dream Mean?
Sometimes we have scary dreams and we often want to know what they mean.

Are Paul’s Epistles the Only Relevant Books?
Are the Pauline epistles the only relevant books for Christians and Gentiles today?

Talitha Cumi
Are the words “talitha cumi” related to the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Am I Truly Saved?
I don’t know if I’m saved or not. Dreams I’ve had and people I’ve known are making me feel as though my salvation is something to be questioned.

Will I Go To Heaven?
I’ve sinned so many times and in so many ways that I’m afraid I will never be allowed into heaven. I’ve probably even committed the unpardonable sin. Can I get to heaven?

The Value of a Shekel
What was the value of a shekel in biblical times compared to today’s prices?

Hebrews 6:4-8
Hebrews 6:4-8 seems to say that once we really screw up, well, we’re doomed. Luke 9:62 seems to say something similar. Is it true that once we look back and fall into sin that we’re no longer fit for heaven?

Kingdom Now Theology
Kingdom Now theology. What is it? What does it teach? Is it right? Is it heretical? Find out what we think.

Is the Trinity False?
Someone told us the Trinity is a pagan doctrine. We don’t think so.

The Use of Herbs in Scripture
Is the use of herbs for medicine something that is supported in Scripture?

Original Biblical Texts
Some say our Bible today is significantly changed from the original Greek and Hebrew texts. Is that true?

Do We Go Straight to Heaven After We Die?
What happens after death? Do we instantly go to heaven or do we rest in the grave for some indeterminate amount of time?

Could Jesus Have Sinned?
Impeccable or peccable? Here’s a long answer to a short question.

Election and Reprobation
I’ve heard that God chooses some for election (heaven) and some for reprobation (eternal punishment) before they’re even born thus giving them no choice in the matter. Doesn’t really seem fair to me.

A Marriage without Sex — A Reason for Divorce?
Does a marriage without any sexual intimacy at all constitute a reason for divorce?

Do we Have Prophets and Apostles Today?
Apostles — do they exist today? And what about prophets? Do we have prophets today? And how can they be identified?

Paul’s Gospel
My pastor says that Christians only need to study Paul’s epistles. Is this true?

Mary’s Anointing of Jesus
In Matthew and Mark we read that Mary anointed Jesus two days before the Passover. In John we read that she anointed Him six days before the Passover. Why is there such an obvious discrepancy?

Pre-Tribulation Rapture
Why we believe in a pre-tribulation rapture.

Accidentally committing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (the unpardonable sin) is something many Christians mistakenly fear.

Mary’s Lineage
Was Mary of the lineage of David? Wasn’t she a Levite?

Did the Bible come from the Catholics?
Did the Bible as we know it today come from the Roman Catholic Church?

Objective Truth
Did God create objective truth?

Is God Finished with Me?
I’ve heard it said that (as explained by John MacArthur) there are those believers who continue sinning willfully against God and NEVER repent. God will then turn their minds into “reprobate minds” and turn their hearts away from him. Once this happens there is no turning back to God.” Is this accurate?

Can My Hardened Heart Be Fixed?
Many of us have experienced the sweetness of fellowship with God only to eventually harden our hearts against Him. Can this hardness be softened? Once we’ve purposefully hardened our hearts against God will He forgive us? Does He want us back? Sometimes making an effort seems futile.

The Death of Judas
Matthew says Judas was hanged. Acts 2:31 says Judas fell headlong in a field and his guts spilled out. Do these accounts conflict with one another?

What Is an Apostle?
You ask how you might identify apostles today. Your question indicates that apostles are somehow special. We do not accept that premise.

Willful Sin
Some people read Hebrews 10:26 as saying that if we sin willfully, we’re doomed. Is that what it’s saying?

Saved by Baptism or Faith?
The Church of Christ (among others) teaches not only that baptism (not faith) brings about salvation, but that if a person is baptized but believes that faith saves, then they still aren’t saved! In other words, you have to believe that baptism saves and then be baptized. This is not biblical.

Bringing Back the Dead
Saul had a medium conduct a seance and bring Samuel back from the dead. Was this a normal occurrence? Should we be consulting mediums?

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?
I’ve heard it said that Jesus Christ wasn’t really born on December 25 but that the Roman Catholics used that day as a replacement for a pagan holiday. Fact or fiction?

Distinctions Between the Father and the Son
There are significant distinctions between the Father and the Son in the Bible.

Some Notes on Tithing
Here are a few additional thoughts on tithing.

The Jews — Still God’s People?
So many people talk about the Jews being “God’s People” and all the things He’s yet going to do for them. Weren’t all the prophecies for the Jews fulfilled at the cross?

Am I Really Saved?
I love Jesus and God and I see lots of miracles. But I don’t believe in the virgin birth, in the inerrancy of Scripture, in the deity of Christ or in the Trinity. Am I saved or not?

Baptism and Salvation
Yet another conversation regarding the role of baptism in the Christian faith. If we aren’t baptized, are we condemned to hell? Find out what we think.

144,000 Virgin Males
I don’t really think it’s fair that only 144,000 virgin Israelite males get to go to heaven.

Jew — Nationality or Religion?
If you’re a “Jew” does that mean you’re of the Jewish religion or of the Jewish nationality?

Don’t Mess With the Paranormal
Playing around with the paranormal is not really a good (or safe) idea.

What Is God’s Name?
Someone wrote in with the simple question, “What is the name of our God?”

Is the World God’s or Satan’s?
Satan offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth. Jesus didn’t say, “You can’t give me something you don’t own!” Based on this, does Satan own the world?

How Can A Loving God Allow Suffering and Send People to Hell?
How could God call Himself “loving” and still allow suffering and even send his “precious subjects” to hell?

Will God Forgive Purposeful Sin?
Will God forgive purposeful sin? In Numbers we see that there was no sacrifice for intentional sins.

Hell and Near-Death Experiences
Should we take stock in near-death experiences? Do they reveal God’s truth to us? Can we decide what heaven and hell will be like based on these experiences?

Are We Baptists?
We still get questions about who we are, what we believe, what we promote . . . well, here’s a little bit more information.

What Is an apostate?
What is an apostate? Does the Bible make this clear? Is the word even used in Scripture?

Can We Understand Revelation?
Is it really possible for anyone to understand the book of Revelation?

Jesus — God or Son of God?
Is Jesus God or is He the Son of God?

Women as Pastors
Does the Bible say anything about women pastors? Can a woman be a pastor and preach the Bible among people?

Women in Ministry
What does the Bible have to say about women in ministry?

10 Principles for Godly Living
These simple practices can help you enhance your relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a great article for parents!

Remarriage After Divorce — Is It Adultery?
If someone remarries after a divorce, they commit adultery. Are these people living in continual sin? Does God honor this new marriage?

Divorce and Remarriage in Scripture
Does the Bible have anything to say about divorce? What about if a person wants to re-marry after a divorce? Does the Bible say anything about that?

Is Church Necessary?
Do I really have to go to church to be saved?

What Law Is Paul Referencing in Romans 2?
In Romans 2, Paul tells us that those who obey the law will be declared righteous. What law is he referring to?

Whose Gospel Is it Anyway?
Why does Paul, in Romans, call the gospel of Jesus Christ “my gospel”?

God’s Silence
Have there been periods in history where God has been completely silent?

Be Sure of Your Salvation
An article that discusses whether or not we can be absolutely sure of our salvation.

Can We Lose our Salvation?
Hebrews 10:26 is a scary-sounding verse. It seems like a Christian can lose his or her salvation.

Is Scripture Accurate?
Sometimes men make comments that are inaccurate in Scripture. How does this affect the veracity of Scripture as a whole?

Partial Preterism
Preterism (also partial preterism) is a belief that may have found its way into your local church. Is it valid? Have the prophecies of the Olivet Discourse already been fulfilled?

Free Will
God knows the future. He knows what we’re going to do. So do we really have a choice in the matter?

Jesus of Judah
Tribal affiliation was conferred through the father, not the mother, so doesn’t this eliminate Jesus from messianic consideration?

Sinners or Saints?
Sometimes you’ll hear a Christian say, “We’re all just a bunch of sinners.” But are we? How does God view us?

The Genealogy of Jesus Explained
The genealogy of Jesus as presented by Matthew seems significantly different than that presented by Luke? Why?

Will God Forgive Intentional Sin?
If willful or intentional sins cannot be forgiven, then none of us have any hope.

Did God Harden Pharaoh’s Heart?
Was Pharaoh doomed from the get-go? If God hardened his heart, how is that fair?

What Is the Significance of Fasting?
Scripture gives us much information about the significance of fasting.

Does God Want Me Back?
If we leave our faith and deliberately live in sin . . . will God want us back?

Should we pray to the Father or Jesus?
Should we direct our prayers to God the Father? Or should we direct them to Jesus? What about praying to the Holy Spirit?

Catholicism and Salvation
Does the Roman Catholic Church hold the position that anyone outside the church cannot attain salvation?

The Rapture — Amillennialism, Post-millennialism, or Pre-millennialism?
Which viewpoint does Scripture support? Amillennialist, post-millennialist, or pre-millennialist?

Marijuana in Scripture
People often say that Scripture supports the use of marijuana. Paul tells us in Titus 1:16 that there are people who profess to know God but in their works they deny Him. I say this, not to state that everyone who uses marijuana is going to hell, but to say that people have long twisted the words of Scripture to their own destruction (2 Peter 3:16).

Are We Universalists?
Someone read our statement of faith and asked if we are universalists. The answer is a definite no.

The Rapture, Part III
A discussion of passages in Daniel, Matthew, and II Thessalonians in relation to the rapture.

Medical Care or Prayer?
Should parents who withhold medical care and rely solely on prayer be held culpable for the death of their child?

The Rapture, Part II
Will Christians be “whisked away” before the Great Tribulation? The Bible doesn’t mention the word “rapture,” but it does speak to the topic.

Spiritual Gifts
It’s easy to desire God’s gifts, to want a supernatural experience. But our focus should be on the One who gives the gifts.

Is the Peace Sign Bad?
Symbols have meaning. Should we be careful which symbols we make use of?

Did Paul Know of the Virgin Birth?
We believe Paul knew of the virgin birth. Here are a few Scriptures to support our position.

The Unpardonable Sin
The Bible tells us that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is an unpardonable sin. But what exactly is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?

The Unpardonable Sin, Part 2
A follow-up article on the unpardonable sin.

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?
Does the Bible direct Christians to keep the Sabbath?

Focus on Jesus
Sometimes going to church, singing in the choir, taking communion, going to Bible study, and all the other “Christian” activities we participate in overtake our relationship with God. When His blessings become more than Him, something’s gone wrong.

The Body of Moses
Scripture tells us that God hid the body of Moses from Satan. Why? What’s this all about?

Does Communion Heal?
A reader asked if the Bible says that people are healed when they take communion. We don’t find support for this in Scripture.

The Silent Years
The 400 years between the writing of Malachi and the beginning of the New Testament are often called the “Silent Years.” Was God really silent?

Why Does God Harden Hearts?
In what sense does a God of love harden hearts?

Knowledge Without Action
What happens to the individual who continues to gain biblical knowledge without applying it to their lives?

Did Jesus Die on Thursday or Friday?
If Jesus died on Friday and rose on Sunday, how could He have been in the heart of the earth for three days and three night? Jesus said that, like Jonah was in the belly of a whale for three days and three nights, that He would be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights (Matthew 12:40).

Showing Children Love
Recently someone asked us if we think it’s important to show children love. We couldn’t imagine not!

The Horror on the Hill
What is the horror on the hill spoken of in Mark 13?

Who Is God?
Who is God? I suppose you could ask that question of 1000 people and perhaps get 500 different answers.

Why I do not Place Myself Under the Sabbath
Sabbath or Sunday?

Salvation Vs. Sanctification
Salvation and sanctification are two different ideas, yet tied to a single goal of God.

Talitha Cumi — A Heavenly Language?
Are the words “talitha cumi” a heavenly language?

Do Infants Go to Heaven When They Die?
Some question whether infants, unborn children, or the mentally ill go to heaven when they die. What does Scripture say about this?

Our Faith in the Marketplace — Christian Distinctives
What makes Christianity unique?

Our Faith in the Marketplace — Christian Distinctives: Part 2
What else makes Christianity unique?

The Rapture
Does Scripture support a pre-millenial, mid-millenial, or post-millenial view of the rapture?

Are There Many Paths to Heaven?
Jesus said that wide is the gate and broad is the way that lead to destruction and many find it; but the way to eternal life is narrow and confined (Matthew 7:13-14).

Is Jesus the Archangel Gabriel?
Scripture does not support this assertion; in fact, Scripture never even mentions that Gabriel is an archangel.

Why Did Jesus Claim to Be the Son of Man?
I believe that Jesus used the term first of all to emphasize His connection to humanity and secondly as a somewhat veiled reference to His Messianic role, which veil He opened with His answer to the high priests the day He was crucified.

Women As Leaders in the Church
Should women be leaders or pastors in the church? What does Scripture have to say on this subject? If this short answer isn’t enough for you, we have a much longer answer right here.

Faith Saves; Baptism Doesn’t
Theology on baptism or faith should not be our defining issue. Rather, that issue should be love towards one another.

What’s Ezekiel 1 All About?
Ezekiel 1 is God pulling back the curtain, just a bit, to give us a peek at what it will be like to meet God.

How Jesus Fits in the Trinity
Should Jesus be worshiped? Is He God? Did God the Father create Jesus?

Did Luke Witness Christ’s Ascension?
Was Luke an original witness to the ascension of Christ? We don’t think so. Find out why.

Why Peter Quotes Psalm 16
Why does Peter quote Psalm 16 in Acts 2? We think it’s because it provided further proof that Jesus was (and is) who He claimed to be.

Faith and the Old Testament Saints
How were the Old Testament saints judged since they were here before Jesus came?

The Translation of “eis” in Acts 2:38
How should “eis” be translated in Acts 2:38? Should it be causative? See the debate and decide for yourself.

Does God Still Work Miracles?
Does God still perform miracles in this day and age? Are miraculous happenings more the exception than the norm?

Do We have a License to Sin?
What does it mean to be “in right standing” with God? Are Christians always in God’s good graces?

Will Jews Be in Heaven?
A site viewer wanted to know if there would be Jews in heaven. Our quick answer? Of course! God is not willing that any should perish.

The Seat of Mockers
What is the historical background for the term “seat of mockers?” Where did it originate, and why?

Are Catholics Wrong?
No theology saves; no church saves; only Jesus can bring us into a right relationship with the true God.

Jews or Israelites?
Does Scripture use the terms “Jew” and “Israelite” interchangeably?

Human Cloning or Stem Cell Research — Is it Wrong?
What does the Bible say about human cloning and embryonic stem cell research?

1 Peter 3:21 — A Short Commentary
What does baptism do for us according to the context of 1 Peter 3:21?

Justification of Sin
Does God ever justify sin? Scripture is clear on the matter.

Is God Fair?
Sometimes it’s easy to wonder what’s so great about God with all the misery and suffering on this planet. Is He really a fair God?

The Truth about the Da Vinci Code
Would you trust eyewitnesses of an account or documents written over a century (or two) later? Check out this list of significant dates and events in early Christian history.

Water Baptism — A Scriptural Description
The subject of baptism has had a long and storied history in the church. But if Scripture is the sole authority, then it is there that we must go for our instruction on this issue.

Predestination — Do We Have a Choice?
Does our will play any part in accepting Jesus Christ as savior? Or does God only save those He predestined to know Him?

John 1:1 – – The Lack of the Definite Article
Does the lack of a definite article make “Theos” in John 1:1 act more like an adjective?

Does Scripture mandate 10% of our income?

John 3:5
What does Jesus mean when He says, “born of water and the Spirit?”

Speaking in Tongues
Speaking in tongues – is it outward evidence of the filling of the Holy Spirit?

How Can I Know I’m Saved?
We can know that we’re saved. We can have complete assurance of eternal life. God’s Word says so.

Communion Elements — Preparation
How are the communion elements prepared for communion?

Judas and His 30 Pieces of Silver
What was the value of the 30 pieces of silver that Judas used to betray Jesus?

Is Jesus Subject to God?
How can Jesus be God and be subject to Him at the same time?

What Is Christianity all About?
Christianity is about knowing Jesus – plain and simple.

Jeremiah 17:9 — Is the Heart Deceitful and Wicked?
The standard translation of Jeremiah 17:9, that the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, poses some difficulties.

Psalm 20 and 21 — Messianic Psalms?
A short rant on the proper translation of Psalm 20:9 and Psalm 21:5.

Should Christian Women Wear Pants or Jewelry?
Is it wrong for Christian women to wear pants? Jewelry? Find out what we think.

The Apostolic Fathers
Who were the Apostolic Fathers?

The History of Christianity
A short discussion of the beginnings of the Protestant and Catholic churches.

What Is Belief?
What does it mean to “believe” in Jesus? How does the Bible define true belief?

Jesus Is God
The Bible tells us that Jesus is God. Jesus is supreme over everything.

When the Praises Go Up, the Blessings Do Not Necessarily Come Down
When we praise God, we should be focused on things of heaven and on Him, not on our own physical or material blessings.

A Brief Explanation of Jews and Gentiles
The Bible differentiates between Jews and Gentiles. Here we attempt a brief explanation of these differences.

The United States and Biblical Prophecy
Is America mentioned in the Bible? Will the United States play an important role in end times prophecy? Here’s our response.

Was Jesus Really Called Immanuel?
Was Jesus called Immanuel? One of our readers questions the validity of this Old Testament prophecy.

Was Jesus Really Born of a Virgin?
Was Jesus called Immanuel? One of our readers questions the validity of this Old Testament prophecy.

Did Kings Really Present Gifts to Jesus?
Did kings present gifts to Jesus? One of our readers questions the validity of this Old Testament prophecy.

Were Children Really Killed in Bethlehem?
Were children really killed in Bethlehem? One of our readers questions the validity of this Old Testament prophecy.

Was Jesus Really of the Lineage of David?
Was Jesus really of the lineage of David? One of our readers questions the validity of this Old Testament prophecy.

Once Saved, Always Saved?
Does Scripture teach the concept of eternal security? Can Christians lose their salvation?

Is Communion for Children?
What does the Bible say about giving communion to children?

Bible-based Support for the Trinity
Does Scripture support the doctrine of the Trinity?

Jesus’ Baptism — What Does it Represent?
When Jesus was baptized, were all our sins loaded on Him?

Transubstantiation — What Does Scripture Say?
Does Scripture support transubstantiation? What about the papacy?

The Fruit of the Vine
A few more thoughts on transubstantiation.

Some Thoughts on Communion and Infant Baptism
Does Scripture support infant baptism? Do the elements actually become the body and blood of Christ during communion?

Call Me Barabbas
Jesus paid the ultimate price for us.

Closed Communion
Closed communion. What is it? And does Scripture support it?

Someone wrote us and asked how we felt about predestination. Here’s our short answer.

The Inerrancy of Scripture
God’s word is complete truth and contains no errors. This article helps explain why I believe this.

Verses that Prove the Deity of Jesus
If you’re not convinced that the Scriptures teach that Jesus is indeed God, then read these verses. They form a bulletproof case.

Christ the Firstborn
Jesus Christ: fully man and fully God. A proof from Colossians 1.

John 1:1 — “God” or “a god”?
This article gives a proper understanding of John 1:1. It exposes the deliberate attempt, by the creators of the New World Translation, to skew the all-important meaning of this passage.

Water Baptism . . . Is it Necessary for Salvation?
It seems to me that Scripture does not support this idea.

Does Scripture Teach Baptism for the Dead?
This article is a brief exposition on I Corinthians 15:29.