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After many repeated sins my GOD led me back and I serve Him now. I have been a child of GOD for many years but feel very in need to have new a new relationship and I pray that I can have a life with GOD moving forward. I hope to repair my connection with Him and live a life of holiness from now on. Please help me with some advice.

Tim’s Answer

Thanks for writing.

Authentic Christianity is about our love. Do we love God supremely, above all? This is the first and great command. If our hearts are not warm towards God, if our thoughts of God are not precious to us, if our relationship towards God seems more duty than desire, then there is a problem in our lives.

The command Christ gives to us is to love God with all of our hearts, souls, strength, and mind (Matthew 22:37). If we do this, He will fill our hearts with His presence and give us the living water that overflows to eternal life.

My advice to you is to take up your Bible and find Paul’s epistle to the Colossians. Read the little book of Colossians completely through. Then, go back to Colossians 3 and memorize that chapter. Even if this takes a few months, commit that chapter to memory. Take time to stop and think about each verse. Ask God to help you understand how that verse applies to your life. Then seek to apply the verse to your life until it becomes engrained in your being.

Once you have worked through Colossians 3 and believe that you are living out that passage, then do the same for John 15 and the great instruction on abiding in Christ.

After you have finished John 15, find another passage and do the same thing. I am confident you will find that by practicing the indwelling Word in your life, you will discover both a new relationship with Christ and a life of abundance and peace.

May the Lord Jesus and His Spirit guide you as you take up this challenge and become a Colossians 3 Christian.

In His service,

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