Christian Testimonies

our collection of Christian testimonies needs yours!

Before you read these Christian testimonies, think about your own journey to Jesus. Have you shared it? If you haven’t, we want it. The Bible says that Christians will produce fruit (John 15:8; Matthew 3:10). Your testimony may produce fruit for God’s kingdom. Don’t waste this opportunity. You can send us your story right now. Don’t worry about your writing skills. We edit (lightly) all content (if needed). Don’t think your testimony is boring. Your story could be the only one to connect with a person searching for the truth. No life-saving journeys are boring. Every single testimony is unique and gives us a bit more insight into how our God works in this day and age.

If you’re not sure where to start in the writing process, talk to us. We’ll give you a few tips on writing an effective testimony. Now, read on and may God open your eyes to His truth, pull your affections to Him and cement His Word in your soul.

Amazing Books (see our disclosure)

The Rescue by Jim Cymbala
Seven people, seven amazing stories. (By the way, we recommend any book by Jim Cymbala.)

50 People Every Christian Should Know by Warren Wiersbe

They Found the Secret by Raymond Edman

Now, on to the life-changing Christian testimonies . . .

Freedom From Sexual Addiction NEW!
Taylor was exposed to sexual activity at a young age and it really messed her up. She struggled for years to right the ship, and only found peace when she found God.

I Was Raised Catholic But Felt Something Was Missing NEW!
I was hitchhiking and really wanted to be picked up by a Jesus Freak.

Dewey Dovel’s Christian Testimony – Freed From the Grips of Pornography (and so much more) NEW!
God has a way of freeing us from the shackles of sin.

Carol’s Christian Testimony – Growing Up in an Abusive Household is Never Easy NEW!
Some kids have it harder than others. Why? I’ll never know. But Jesus knows and He doesn’t desire that anyone should live a life of defeat.

Wanda’s Christian Testimony – God Never Gives Up On Us
Wanda’s story reminds us that God is faithful. Her testimony reminds us that God never gives up on any of us.

Michael’s Christian Testimony – Recovering From a Traumatic Brain Injury
Michael tells the story of how God helped him deal with a life-changing accident.

Deon’s Christian Testimony – Healed From an Incurable Disease
Deon tells the story of how he was healed from UC.

Helene’s Christian Testimony
Helene was saved (by God, of course) from abuse and new age garbage.

OK. This is different. Recently I heard from Walt Manis (Co-founder and Executive Director of Story Partners) and he asked if I needed stories to write about. Well . . . I don’t really need stories to write about, but I watched the videos on his site. They are beautiful and tell stories of God’s grace and mercy. So I thought I’d link to them here. Enjoy!

Gary’s Christian Testimony
Gary tells the story of how his wife Robin was healed from a deadly brain aneurysm.

Maureen’s Christian Testimony – You Can’t Hide From God Forever
Maureen’s story reminds us that God never lets us go. He’s always waiting to take us back.

Kristorena’s Christian Testimony  
Jesus loves you.

Amy’s Miraculous Healing
Amy was born with a life-threatening birth defect. Scary.

Joseph’s Christian Testimony
Joseph struggled with intense addiction for 10 straight years–then He called out to Jesus and was instantly freed.

Gigi’s Christian Testimony
Gigi has something to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving day! As do we all.

Melinda’s Christian Testimony
Melinda tried to hide from God. It was a fruitless endeavor.

Shannon’s Testimony
Shannon’s journey to Christ.

Armando’s Christian Testimony
From partier, drug addict and 12-stepper to follower of the Jesus of the Bible.

Julien’s Christian Testimony
Sometimes life is just plain hard and we don’t know why.

Justin’s Story—God Listens
Justin’s testimony is a good reminder that God listens to us when we pray.

God Cares About the Small Things
These sorts of testimonies remind me that God listens to and cares for His people.

A Life Taken – But Grace Given
Paul shot and killed his younger sister when he was 12. Yet he found God’s grace. Check out his books: The Shame Identify and Life After.

I Survived Abortion—Melissa Ohden’s Incredible Story
This one amazed me. Really. Wow. A MUST-READ. Be sure to check out Melissa’s website for the full story.

Renee’s Christian Testimony – What Does Real Christianity Look Like?
Sometimes, we convince ourselves we’re doing all we need to call ourselves Christians. But are we really experiencing God’s life-changing grace and mercy?

Freed From Cigarette Addiction
Sometimes, in our modern culture, we forget that God still works miracles. He can and He does.

Jai’s Christian Testimony
Our God works in a variety of ways.

Cory’s Christian Testimony
God’s ability to change lives never ceases to amaze me.

Rock Solid Atheist for 52 Years Accepts Jesus
Evan staunch atheists can have their hearts changed.

Kim’s Christian Testimony
God can turn ugly situations into beautiful ones.

Angela’s Christian Testimony
Whoever calls on the name of the Lord WILL be saved! Give it a try.

Scott’s Testimony – Always There
Scott’s testimony is a powerful story, but also a sobering reminder.

Eduardo’s Christian Testimony
Do you want to read a story that’ll really move you? Then read this one. It’s incredible. It’s so amazing what God can do.

Lisa’s Christian Testimony – From Abuse to Freedom
Lisa’s story describes a life of abuse, loneliness and despair and how Jesus swooped in and rescued her from it.

Brandon Duncan’s Christian Testimony
Brandon’s testimony describes his journey down life’s dark paths and how he ultimately came to embrace the Light. Christian testimonies keep pouring in . . . where’s yours?

Natacha’s Testimony
Check out Natacha’s peril-fraught journey — from sexual abuse to witchcraft to Jesus.

Richard’s Christian Testimony
Bullying led to violence, violence led to drugs, drugs and violence led to prison, and prison led to — church. And church led to Jesus Christ. And Jesus Christ led to a changed life.

Robert’s Christian Testimony
Do you know any kids whose lives seem to be going nowhere? Do you ever despair for those kids? Robert’s testimony should be a reminder that God can work powerfully through us to help those in even the most dire situations.

Victoria’s Christian Testimony
He has redeemed me from three major burdens of my life — anger, resentment and solitude -– and filled in the emptiness in my heart.

Bruce’s Christian Testimony
God is always seeking us out — running us down — calling us to come to Him. It’s up to us to accept His invitation.

Lisa’s Christian Testimony
Are you lonely? The cure is Jesus.

Raksha’s Christian Testimony
Jesus Christ is in the business of changing lives.

Jicky’s Christian Testimony
Jikky’s mom had cancer. The doctors gave her a short time to live. They told the family to stop fighting — to just try to make her comfortable. But God had a slightly different plan!

Vanessa’s Christian Testimony
Vanessa’s Christian testimony tells the story of a young girl — broken, alone, abused and afraid.

Celia’s Christian Testimony
Celia’s Christian testimony reminds us that God gives each of His followers an indescribable peace that sustains throughout life.

Tammy’s Christian Testimony
Our stash of Christian testimonies continues to grow! Tammy’s story reveals the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

Todd & Lynn’s Christian Testimony
God’s ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts. Walk along with Todd and Lynn as Todd relates the events surrounding the birth of their baby boy, Sawyer.

Saved by Jesus From Dismal Loneliness and Fear
Loneliness affects us all at some point or another. Jeff’s testimony reminds us that God can fix even the deepest loneliness.

Ida’s Christian Testimony
We add to our collection of Christian testimonies Ida’s story. It’s not a conversion testimony; rather, it’s a testimony of God’s mercy.

Rendani’s Christian Testimony
Christian testimonies don’t always paint a picture of happiness, at least as we (as members of the human race) envision happiness.

Marek’s Christian Testimony
Marek grew up in a Christian household, but his faith was stagnant. Check out his testimony.

Scott Thorson’s Christian Testimony
An excerpt from Scott’s testimony: God has performed an amazing act of grace in my life and it is my personal ministry to tell others about it. Through everything I can look back and see God’s mighty hand of grace applied at just the right time in my life. He sustained me for HIS purpose.

Phumi’s Christian Testimony
Christian testimonies can be long, drawn-out novels sometimes. That’s not such a bad thing, but this one is short and to the point. And I like it because Phumi understands what a lot of “mature” Christians don’t seem to get–we are to be separate from this world.

Dave’s Conversion Testimony
Dave’s testimony doesn’t make you say, “Wow, that’s an awesome conversion experience!” But it is, nonetheless, a gripping testimony.

Hannah’s Christian Testimony
Hannah’s submission is different than most of our Christian testimonies in that it doesn’t detail her conversion experience. But it is a testimony nonetheless!

Alaina’s Christian Story
Alaina says it well: “I don’t know how life-changing my story was to you, because after a lot of Bible-reading and praying, these became things that I just knew.” Yes. If we read, we will know. God has given us His truth–we need to pick up the Word, read it and know it.

Justin’s Journey with Christ
I like the beginning of Justin’s testimony. “I . . . would like to share my journey with Christ. I hope that through my story, I can bring someone to Christ or closer to Christ.” Yes. That is why we share what Jesus Christ has done for us.

Frank’s Testimony
Frank had an amazing experience when he was on his knees in prayer one night.

What God’s Word Has Done For Me
Before Jessica met Jesus, her life was a mess.

Doug’s Testimony — Mormon to Christian
Another addition to our collection of Christian testimonies–Doug’s story. Doug was raised in a Mormon home. He experimented with witchcraft and homosexuality. He was homeless and alone. Until God stepped in . . .

Kevin’s Testimony
Kevin’s testimony reminds me that we need to include God in everything! And when we do, He will enrich our lives.

Journey to Life
Journey to Life — Mohana Krishnan’s testimony of God’s grace.

Chosen By God–William’s Christian Testimony
The more difficult life is, the more we appreciate God’s forgiveness and grace. Yet another story to add to our ever-growing collection of Christian testimonies.

New Age Escape — Elaine’s Story
Elaine believed in New Age doctrine and reincarnation for a long time before she came to know the Jesus of the Bible.

David’s Christian Testimony | Surrendering 100%
David lived a life of drugs, gangs and crime. God gave him chance after chance, but he would take advantage of the chances. Now, he is incarcerated and he believes that God placed him there so that he (David) could completely surrender his life to God and carry out His Word. Amazing! When we asked people to send us Christian testimonies, we never expected a story quite like this!

Thilini’s Christian Testimony
Thilini’s testimony describes how God delivered her from depression and emotional damage.

Another Anonymous Christian Testimony
An anonymous Christian testimony that demonstrates there is nothing impossible with God.

The Ex-Mormon Testimony of Darlington W. Gbee
Check out the Christian testimony of an ex-Mormon.

The Crush – Jason’s Christian Testimony
When Jason met Jesus, he realized that “this was ‘the thing’ I wanted that the girl I had a crush on had.”

Sparky’s Christian Testimony
Sparky spent many years in the military and it literally drove him crazy. He wanted to commit suicide but God spared his life.

Reshmi’s Journey to Christ
Reshmi, a former Hindu, prayed to her gods to heal her. But her gods were silent. When she turned to the one true God, the Jesus of the Bible, only then did healing begin to take place.

Lucille’s Christian Testimony
Lucille experienced a time of severe depression in her life. Then she met Jesus and He fixed it for her.

Elizabeth’s Christian Testimony
Elizabeth lived a life of sin and depravity, even after she had tasted the goodness of God. This is the story of her journey back to Him.

Carla’s Christian Testimony
Carla had sex with her boyfriend when she was only sixteen. She thought she might be pregnant but she wasn’t ready to be a mom.

Danielle’s Christian Testimony
Danielle felt worthless. At one point she felt like life wasn’t even worth living. But everyone is precious to God. He wants us all to come to Him.

Randy’s Christian Testimony
Randy suffered from epilepsy. But he had faith, he prayed, he trusted–and God took his seizures away.

Jason’s Christian Testimony
Jason’s life was a mixture of disease, financial trouble, marital problems and horrible depression. Find out how God delivered him.

Lisa’s Christian Testimony
Lisa found out that God loves us and cares for us even when we don’t treat Him as we should.

Erica’s Christian Testimony
Can I describe Erica’s life? Probably not. Let me try. Drugs. Drinking. Routine sex. Witchcraft. Reiki masters. Marijuana. Abortion. I haven’t covered it all but I think you get the idea. And guess what? Jesus saved her from it all.

Robby’s Christian Testimony
Robby ran from God for a long time. But God didn’t give up on him.

Raymond’s Christian Testimony
God loves to surprise us and do the unexpected.

Angel’s Christian Testimony
From a life of confusion to a life of satisfaction and joy with the Jesus of the Bible.

Bijo’s Christian Testimony
Bijo and his family live in Oman. Here is the story of how he discovered the Jesus of the Bible.

Nikhil’s Christian Testimony
Nikhil came from a Hindu family in India. This is his story of how he came know the Jesus of the Bible.

Mary’s Christian Testimony
Mary’s testimony tells a story of addiction, prostitution and misery and how God rescued her from it all.

Michael’s Personal Christian Testimony
Growing up in a broken home was sad and difficult, especially when all my friends had brothers, sisters and both parents living together. I often thought, “Why can’t my life be like theirs?”

Tami’s Christian Testimony
Tami’s life was in a shambles. But when she started trusting God instead of herself, He began to work miracles in her life.

My Life and Redemption
The Christian testimony of a person deeply involved in Buddhism . . . and how he came to love the Jesus of the Bible.

Fake Pot Sucks
This is an interesting testimony. We thought for a bit before posting, because it doesn’t really show the work of Christ in his life, but it does show the dangers of synthetic marijuana. So, we thought it would be a good warning out there for those interested in such things.

Gill’s Christian Testimony
Gill got picked up for a small crime then spent the next few years (yes, that’s right) in jail. Find out how God worked in his life during his time of trial.

Matthew’s Christian Testimony
Matthew found the strength to leave his homosexual lifestyle behind and embrace a new life in Christ.

Jeffrey’s Christian Testimony
When you look for happiness and fulfillment in drugs, relationships, jobs . . . you won’t find it. Only Jesus truly satisfies.

David’s Christian Testimony
God delivered David from homosexuality and preserved his life through two brain aneurysms. David is currently healthy and praising God!

Victoria’s Christian Testimony
Victoria’s brief Christian testimony demonstrates that without God, our lives lack meaning.

Cheryl’s Christian Testimony
Cheryl has trusted God through financial difficulties, through severe marital challenges, and through the trials of watching her son struggle with drugs for 20 years.

Laudia’s Christian Testimony
Thank you Laudia, for your addition to our collection of Christian testimonies. God listens to our prayers. He watches over us and protects us even through our darkest times.

Sarah’s Christian Testimony
Sarah did drugs, partied, broke the law–until she met someone who changed her life forever. Have you met Him? If you have, you should add your story to our collection of Christian testimonies!

John’s Christian Testimony
Like the Israel of the Old Testament, John knew and experienced God’s mercy but continued to do things His own way.

Jeremiah’s Christian Testimony
Jeremiah was sexually abused at a young age. He sold his body for sex to other men. He used illicit drugs. But Jesus Christ found him and freed him from his shackles.

Chris’s Christian Testimony
Depression can creep in and make a person feel like life isn’t worth living. That happened to Chris.

James’ Christian Testimony
James is an inmate serving a life sentence. His life story is truly unbelievable.

Richard’s Christian Testimony
After 20 years, Jesus Christ brought Richard out of a gay lifestyle.

Kenneth’s Christian Testimony
Kenneth’s Christian testimony of deliverance from a life of serious drugs and violence. Kenneth took a gun, went to a lonely location, and prepared to shoot himself . . .

Francisco’s Christian Testimony
A Christian testimony about receiving power from God to overcome a lifestyle of bisexuality.

Greg’s Christian Testimony
A testimony about God’s supernatural power, overcoming suicidal thoughts and the potential effects of music.

Candice’s Christian Testimony
Candice testimony tells of her struggles with being unevenly yoked with a man . . . she prayed to God for an answer and He listened.

Another Anonymous Christian Testimony
We were one of those families in the stages of home foreclosure. I was scared, because I didn’t know where my family would live . . .

Bryan’s Christian Testimony
Bryan’s testimony describes how he faced trials and tribulations of many kinds as God slowly molded him into the man God wanted him to be.

Tanya’s Christian Testimony
Tanya suffered through severe mental illness (among other trials) on her journey to Jesus Christ.

Willie’s Christian Testimony
After reading so many Christian testimonies about drugs, I’m starting to think God really likes saving people from them. Willie went from being a hard-core drug dealer to a committed follower of the Jesus of the Bible.

There Is Hope
There is hope in Jesus Christ. Through Him, you can do anything–beat depression, overcome suicidal thoughts–through Him you can experience victory.

George’s Christian Testimony
I’ve read a lot of unique and amazing Christian testimonies. This one surprised me. George was in a bad marriage and addicted to meth and alcohol. If you think that’s bad, you haven’t heard anything yet.

Paul’s Christian Testimony
Paul was a millionaire by the time he was 29. Did money satisfy him? Read his testimony and find out.

David’s Christian Testimony
David woke up from a year-long coma . . . paralyzed. A year-long coma? You heard me right. What happened next?

Beth’s Moving Testimony
Out of all the Christian testimonies I’ve heard, this one shattered my soul the most. Beth’s son took his own life. I cannot fathom what it would be like to lose my children.

Brian K’s Christian Testimony
Like me, Brian bought the lie that satisfaction could only be achieved through artificial means. But then, he’d never really met the Jesus of the Bible.

Charan’s Christian Testimony
Don’t ever give up praying for salvation for those you love. God may yet work a miracle.

Steven’s Christian Testimony
In a moment, Steven’s life was turned upside-down.

Karen’s Christian Testimony
God honors parents who bring their children up in faith. God will bring His children home. The story of a prodigal daughter.

Heidy’s Christian Testimony
From an ardent critic to a firm believer–Heidy’s story of coming to know the Jesus of the Bible.

Sendrine’s Christian Testimony
How God saved Sendrine from a murderous maniac.

Joseph’s Christian Testimony
God revealed Himself to Joseph in a variety of miraculous ways.

Sharad’s Christian Testimony
The Bible is true. Seek God with all your heart and you will find Him.

Anonymous Christian Testimony
An anonymous Christian testimony from the pen of an 11 year old.

Ann’s Christian Testimony
Ann’s Christian testimony reminds us that as followers of the Jesus of the Bible, we may face significant trials and suffering.

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.
I Peter 5:10

Katherine’s Christian Testimony
God is persistent with his mercy. He waits for us patiently. He blesses us with blessings that we do not deserve. Don’t ignore Him any longer! Tomorrow could be too late.

Linda’s Christian Testimony
Linda’s Christian testimony reminds us that God has a plan for our lives and that He never leaves us or forsakes us in our times of trouble.

Mike’s Christian Testimony
Mike drank, smoked pot, neglected his family . . . but God helped him escape his self-created prison and find new freedom in Jesus Christ.

Christopher’s Christian Testimony
Christopher’s testimony tells the story of how God opened the eyes and ears of an unbelieving scientist.

Biff’s Christian Testimony
Biff hated his father. He continued sinning even though he understood sin’s consequence – death. His Christian testimony explains how he finally managed to repair his relationship with his father and commit to Christ.

Short Anonymous Testimony
Here’s a quick and to-the-point Christian testimony of someone whose life has been changed by the Jesus of the Bible.

My Life Before Jesus – Brooke’s Testimony
Brooke ran as far from God as she could. She ran to drugs, to club life, to witchcraft, to homosexuality – and she became a slave to her sin. But when all seemed lost, she cried out to God in desperation. And what do you think happened? Read this story of the prodigal daughter. And remember – never stop praying for those who seem to be utterly lost.

Tracey’s Christian Testimony
Tracey lost herself in the world of sex and drugs . . . and God found her. Check out her awesome testimony.

Sam’s Journey to Christ
From Mr. Popular to college athlete to drug addict to D.J. to Jesus. This is yet another true story to add to our growning collection of awesome Christian testimonies!

Shawn’s Amazing Christian Testimony
This amazing Christian testimony tells us how God changed a hard-core atheist from a depressed drug addict into a committed follower of Jesus Christ.

Mary’s Christian Testimony
Mary said, “I am a former new ager (reiki master, chakra balancer, energy healer, angel energy healer, wizard, sorcerer) until Lord Jesus Christ took my hand and absolutely showed me his truth about what was really going on in the spirit realm. He showed me how I and many like me were being deceived . . .”

Karinne’s Christian Testimony
Karinne lost her mother to cancer and felt angry with God. But God has a way of letting us know He still cares about us.

Debbie’s Testimony of Deliverance
Years of abuse led to MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). This is Debbie’s amazing Christian testimony of God’s deliverance.

Melvin’s Christian Testimony
This testimony tells how God directed Melvin to be in the right place at the right time to save his girlfriend’s life.

William’s Christian Testimony
William’s wife left him when he was deployed for Iraq. His children were put in foster care based on lies. But God brought him through the fire. This Christian testimony is a good reminder: never quit trusting God. Scripture is replete with examples of God’s saints being tested.

Tim’s Christian Testimony
Tim thinks his testimony is boring. I think it’s the most awesome story I’ve ever read. God is alive and well and He works in tangible ways.

JW’s Christian Testimony
God loves us, and cares about all the things in our lives – even the simple things – like our hobbies.

Megan’s Christian Testimony
Megan’s Christian testimony reminds us to seek God’s kingdom – first and foremost.

M. William’s Christian Testimony
She grew up neglected and abused. She fought drugs and depression. Somehow God reached down and plucked her from the darkness.

Carmen’s Christian Testimony (pdf)
Carmen grew up believing in Taoism and Buddism. Read about her journey to faith in the Jesus of the Bible.

Toby’s Christian Testimony
Toby Keathley shares his testimony of faith! This is our first link to a video testimony.

Michael’s Christian Testimony
Michael’s testimony speaks of God’s faithfulness. He will never stop pursuing us; He will never stop pursuing you! He loves you.

Liz’s Christian Testimony
In her own words, Liz lived “a purposeless life.” But then she met Jesus Christ.

Hetty’s Christian Testimony
Hetty’s amazing Christian testimony demonstrates unwavering faith despite ongoing sickness and pain.

Ralph’s Christian Testimony
Ralph’s testimony describes how God helped him through his perilous journey as a police officer and member of the armed services.

B’s Christian Testimony
This Christian testimony is from my friend, B. He’s taught me much about the Jesus of the Bible. Read how God changed his heart.

Emory’s Christian Testimony
Emory Rowland, founder of Clickfire, shares his Christian testimony of the love and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Lakendra’s Christian Testimony
It’s easy to feel that we don’t meet God’s standards. And frankly, none of us do. But He still loves us and will never forsake us.

Fate – A Psychedelic Christian Testimony
In the midst of intense chaos and sin, God’s mercy still abounds.

An Anonymous Christian Testimony
This testimony tells how God healed a man from drug addiction, a nasty disease, and a life of hopelessness.

Victor’s Christian Testimony
What man could not do, Jesus did. Victor’s Christian testimony of how God transformed him from a street gangster into a preacher.

Converted from Satanism
Here’s another amazing Christian testimony of a man who lived for Satan. He even tried to commit suicide but God wanted him to live so his efforts failed! Take a few minutes to read his awesome testimony of God’s amazing grace.

From Hard-core Drugs to Jesus – Scot’s Testimony
Drugs are a lie from the very pit of Hell. Scot should know – he took ’em for 13 years. Read this phenomenal Christian testimony of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Thrown in Jail (again) for Preaching the Gospel
My friend Henry has a knack for getting tossed in the slammer. Read his testimony to see how God used him mightily!

Daniel’s Christian Testimony – Changed by Jesus
Daniel’s testimony of how Jesus gave him a heart of flesh and removed his heart of stone.

Thrown in Jail for Preaching the Gospel
My friend Henry was thrown in jail for preaching the gospel in Minnesota. Read his testimony.

Danielle’s Christian Testimony
Only Jesus can compel us to love those who have hurt us in devastating ways. Read Danielle’s story of the transformation of her heart.

Kevin Haag’s Testimony
A compelling testimony of the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. We may wander, but He is always there, waiting to bring us back into His arms.

Freed From Depression
Stanley’s journey into the arms of Jesus.

From Psychological Terror to Peace
As Micky says, he was in a “psychological prison.” His testimony describes how Jesus freed him from his chains.

A Fifth Generation Jehovah’s Witness Finds Christ
Those who seek the truth will find it, despite seemingly insurmountable barriers.

An Anonymous Christian Testimony
This testimony reinforces the biblical truth that if we are God’s, He will never let us go.

The Christian Testimony of Dennis Fair
It’s not always easy to understand God’s plan, especially when struck with a terminal disease.

Steve’s Christian Testimony
If we seek God, He will always provide above and beyond what we expect.

Becky’s Christian Testimony – Seeking God’s Will
Becky’s testimony illustrates the rewards of diligently seeking God’s will.

Alexandra’s Testimony – From Mormonism to Christianity
Alexandra was a Mormon – but she’s left Mormonism behind for something else – the truth.

Delivered from Demons and Satanism
A true Christian testimony of deliverance from Satanism.

Jett Andrew’s Christian Testimony
Jesus Christ calms even the deepest rage.

Kathleen Rasmussen’s Christian Testimony
Are you unhappy? Lonely? Empty? Jesus Christ can give your life meaning.

Norm Rasmussen’s Christian Testimony
Jesus Christ is in the business of changing lives. He is alive and He offers us eternal life.

Vicki’s Christian Testimony
Sexual abuse, drug addiction, homosexuality, low self-esteem, psychiatric issues, eating disorders – God can rescue you from it all.

Jean-Luc deVere’s Christian Testimony
Trapped in witchcraft and the occult and freed by the power of Jesus Christ.

Biff’s Christian Testimony
Sometimes it is almost impossible to forgive. But with God, anything is possible.

Mark’s Christian Testimony
God can make YOU a part of His family – just like He did for Mark.

Sheila’s Christian Testimony
God can save anyone from anything – drugs, prostitution, abuse – nothing is too difficult for Him.

Claire’s Christian Testimony
This testimony demonstrates that God is moving among America’s youth.

My Own Christian Testimony
Proof that Jesus still lives and works miracles today.

Kim’s Christian Testimony
Out of the gay lifestyle and into the family of Jesus Christ.

Stephen Bennett’s Christian Testimony
Is homosexuality a choice? Read this and decide for yourself.

Tamara’s Christian Testimony
Freed from drugs, alcohol and sin by Jesus Christ.

Duane’s Christian Testimony
A moving testimony of discovering the real truth about Freemasonry.

Tucker’s Christian Testimony

Jesus said, “Seek, and you will find.” Tucker found out this promise is true.

Dennis’ Christian Testimony
God’s timing is not always easy to understand, but it’s perfect.

Paul’s Testimony–From Mormonism to Christianity
Paul’s story of leaving Mormonism and finding the Truth.

In The Midst – Eric and Kristi’s Christian Testimony
The miraculous story of how Jesus saved Eric and Kristi’s daughter.

Adam’s Christian Testimony
Adam’s discovery that the Word of God is true.

Brian’s Story–Out of Mormonism
An amazing story of being freed (by Jesus) from a polygamous, abusive, Mormon family.

Connie’s Amazing Christian Testimony
How Jesus saved Connie from the occult and satanic influences.

Eddie’s Christian Testimony–Freedom from Lust
Freedom from sexual sin and lust is possible through Jesus Christ.

Jim’s Christian Testimony–Ex-Mormon and Glad of It!
Jim’s an ex-Mormon and glad of it. Praise Jesus! Let’s get some more out-of-cult testimonies!

Marjorie’s Testimony of Escape
Marjorie’s escape from the false teachings of Christian Science.

Robert’s Testimony
Robert’s awesome story of freedom from homosexuality, through Jesus Christ. The first of many Christian testimonies to come!