JW’s Christian Testimony

I am a pastor of 34 years. In October of 2002 I had a bad fall while working on the church where my son-in-law is pastor. I broke both wrists and both elbows and some ribs. My right hand was dangling on the end of my arm.

In the operating room the surgeon came to me and introduced himself and told me the extent of the damage. It was not good.

I told him that I was a finger-style guitarist and asked if he thought I would be able to play again. He told me that I would not because the way I broke my right wrist that my fingers would never work that way again.

After much prayer and faith, two surgeries, a steel plate, seven steel pins, and strenuous therapy, I played ” God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” in the rehab unit three months later at Christmas Time.

I am playing better than ever and recorded my first instrumental CD in 2004. Praise the Lord!

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