Jesus—The Eternal God

Not too long ago (depending on how you count time), someone sent in the following, somewhat obscure question. As always, Tim took the time to give a substantial answer.

I have been a Christian for almost 4 years now and one thing has always confused me. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and in so doing, took our punishment and paid our debt. Yet, if we don’t have Christ, our debt requires an eternity in hell. How is it that His one time death on earth paid for our eternity in hell?

Double Predestination

Often it seems in Scripture that God, before time began, chose certain people for heaven and certain people for hell. In theological terms this is called “double predestination.” Find out what we think of this age-old debate.

As a note, I generally try to avoid this topic, as the issue has been a means for far too long to divide the church, to move our eyes away from the person of Jesus, and to bring in what James would call the wisdom from hell (James 3:13-18). If we are not capable as His people to discuss this subject in a manner that is peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, and full of mercy; or if this subject is our passion in life, then we would do well to avoid the topic. Rather, it is better to be silent and focus on the work of loving God and others, pursuing fully the fruit of the Spirit. I continue to observe that Jesus made the mark of His disciples to be love, not doctrine (John 13:35), and the greatest commandment to love, not to know. Knowledge puffs up but love builds up (1 Corinthians 8:1). While sound doctrine is important, I observe that the devils may have better doctrine than we (James 2:19). Life is to be lived, not in the doctrine, but in the faith in Christ and love for the brothers. Faith in Christ should lead to love and gentleness. The one who sows discord among the brothers is a person to be avoided (Proverbs 6:14-19; Romans 16:17-18; Titus 2:10-11).

Double Predestination

Will I Make it to Heaven?

Many feel as though they’ve sinned too much to ever make it to heaven. Or they feel they’ve committed the unpardonable sin. They worry and worry and worry that they’ll spend eternity in the fires of hell. What does the Bible teach about this? Can the enormity of our sins keep us out of heaven? Click the link below to read what we think.

Will I Make it to Heaven?

Would a God of Love Really Allow Suffering and send People to Hell?

Could a loving God really allow as much suffering as there is in this world? And would He really send people to hell?

Someone recently wrote in with a classic question that has stumped many for ages.

Why would a God of love allow suffering? Think of all the suffering in this world! People are starving. People are dying of diseases and natural disasters. Innocent people suffer in unbelievable ways.

And what about hell? What sort of a “loving God” would send His “precious subjects” to a horrid place like hell? Would God really do such a thing?

Find out whether we think a loving God and suffering are incompatible.

A Loving God Who Allows Suffering and Sends People to Hell?

Hell & Near-death Experiences

Near-death experiences are real. People have them. Do they reveal anything real to us about the after-life?

Scripture talks about David descending into hell. Did he really go there and see what it was like and then come back? Did David have near-death experiences? Can we take stock in our own near-death experiences or those we hear recounted to us by others? Do they reveal God’s truth about heaven and hell to us?

Hell and Near-death Experiences

Catholicism and Salvation

Do Roman Catholics believe that those outside the church can attain salvation?

Does the Roman Catholic Church believe that all those outside the church are doomed to hell?

Tim sheds a bit of light on the position of the Catholic church. And, of course, he throws in a few of his own opinions.

Check out Catholicism and Salvation here.