Am I Truly Saved?

We are all human. We all have doubts and fears. At times we may even doubt our salvation. Satan has many devices in his arsenal with which to deceive us–friends, dreams, television, books, the Internet–even so-called spiritual leaders. If we begin to doubt whether or not we’re truly saved, we need to clear our minds and go back to Scripture and see what it says.

Am I Truly Saved?

Is the Trinity a False Doctrine?

Not too long ago a reader sent in a question. Well, no, it was a statement. The person stated that the concept of the Trinity was a pagan idea unsupported by the Bible. We disagree. Regardless of when the word “Trinity” was first used, the concept is presented clearly in Scripture and has been supported by pastors, bishops and elders since the earliest days of the church. Clink the link below to read what we think.

Is the Trinity False?

Pre-Tribulation Rapture

We believe in a pre-tribulation rapture because we believe that’s what the Bible teaches.

Do we believe in a pre-tribulation rapture because we’re afraid of suffering? No. Well, we don’t really want to suffer, and that would be a scary thing, but we believe in a pre-tribulation rapture because that’s what we think Scripture teaches.

Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Baptism & Salvation

Some say baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation? Is it? Does Scripture support that position?

This seems to be the never-ending topic.

So many people see baptism as a necessary requirement for salvation. Others go so far as to say it’s the act that brings salvation. We’re on the other side of the spectrum.

We see Scripture, time and again, telling us that we need to believe to be saved. Faith is the requirement. True faith will bring about a heart change. Being saved isn’t about some external act; it’s about running to God, trusting in Him, believing in His holy Word, living in constant communion with Him and being guided daily by His Holy Spirit.

It’s about having a relationship with the Jesus of the Bible.

Baptism & Salvation

Is the Earth God’s or Satan’s?

Satan claimed to own all the earth’s kingdoms. Jesus didn’t refute that statement. So, does Satan own the world?

Satan tempted Jesus in the desert. He claimed to own all the kingdoms of the world and he offered them to Jesus. Jesus didn’t say, “You don’t own the earth, Satan, so you can’t give it to me.” Based on the fact that Jesus didn’t refute Satan’s claims, some people say that Satan owns the world.

Before we go taking Satan’s word for it, let’s see what Scripture has to say on the topic.

Is the Earth God’s or Satan’s?

Divorce and Remarriage in Scripture

Divorce. Re-marriage. It’s commonplace in our culture. What does the Bible have to say about it?

Divorce is so commonplace these days sometimes we forget that Scripture has a bit to say on the subject.

Does the Bible condone divorce? What if a divorced person wants to remarry? Find out what the Bible has to say about divorce and remarriage.

Divorce & Remarriage in Scripture

Should We Pray to Jesus? Or to the Father?

Should we direct our prayers to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or God the Father? Or does it matter?

When we pray, should we direct our prayers to Jesus? Or should we direct them to the Holy Spirit? Or should we pray to God the Father? Or does it matter at all?

Check out the model for prayer, found in Scripture.

Should We Pray to the Father or Jesus?

The Rapture – Amillennialism, Post-millennialism, or Pre-millennialism?

Does the amillennialist, post-millennialist, or pre-millennialist view fit most closely with Scripture?

Tim must like this topic. This is the fourth article he’s written on it.

Which view fits best with Scripture? The amillennialist view? The post-millennialist view? Or should we go with the pre-millennialist view?

Find out what Tim thinks by checking out his latest article.

The Rapture – Amillennialism, Post-millennialism, or Pre-millennialism?