Is the Trinity a False Doctrine?

Not too long ago a reader sent in a question. Well, no, it was a statement. The person stated that the concept of the Trinity was a pagan idea unsupported by the Bible. We disagree. Regardless of when the word “Trinity” was first used, the concept is presented clearly in Scripture and has been supported by pastors, bishops and elders since the earliest days of the church. Clink the link below to read what we think.

Is the Trinity False?

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

Christmas. Did it stem from a pagan holiday or is it really the birthday of Jesus Christ?

Did Christmas stem from a pagan holiday? Is it true that the Roman Catholics earmarked that day for use as Christ’s birthday to eradicate a pagan holiday already being celebrated on that day? Was Jesus Christ really born on December 25? Does it even matter what day Jesus was really born? Should we celebrate Christmas? These are questions I’ve heard asked about a million times. Here’s our opinion.

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?