Readers send in questions.  We give answers and then–the answers turn into articles!  That’s how our site grows.  Some have asked if we post all questions and answers as articles. The short answer is no. The link above provides additional details.

The best way to find an article on a specific topic (e.g., baptism, forgiveness, end times, drugs, etc.) is to search for it. See the search box at the top of every page? We have hundreds of articles, testimonies and poems on the site, loosely organized. Otherwise, feel free to browse and see what you find. Maybe eventually we’ll re-organize.

Articles on What We Believe
Read questions from our readers and our answers. Find Scriptural information on predestination, baptism, the deity of Jesus, the innerancy of Scripture, communion, transubstantiation, infant baptism, early church history, and more.

Articles on Christian Living
Articles on solidifying your relationship with the Jesus of the Bible and living a successful Christian life.

Articles on Different Religions
Discover why the Book of Mormon is false. Experience the futility of the Koran. Understand some of the convolutions presented in the New World Translation. See how Freemasonry radically opposes Christianity.