Articles on Different Religions

On this page you’ll find a few articles on different religions.  However, this isn’t the focus of our site.  You should check out CARM–Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry–for detailed information on different religions, various cults and other heresies.

Mormonism is not ChristianityNEW!
Mormonism is not Christianity. It is far removed from the truths of the Bible.

Is Mormonism Accurate?
Is Mormonism compatible with Christianity? Is there anything really wrong with Mormon doctrine?

Is Jesus God or God’s Son?
The Jehovah’s Witnesses say that God can’t be God’s Son and God Himself. Well, can He?

There Is Only One God–A Brief Examination of the Koran
Does the Koran contain truth? Is it reliable? Find out for yourself.

Freemasonry — Masonic Doctrine vs. Christian Doctrine
A short, concise comparison of Masonic Doctrine versus Christian Doctrine quoting directly from Masonic sources and the Holy Scriptures.

The Book of Mormon: Solid Rock or Sinking Sand?
Do you believe the Book of Mormon is true? You might not after reading this article . . .

John 1:1 – “God” or “a god”?
This article gives a proper understanding of John 1:1. It exposes the deliberate attempt, by the creators of the New World Translation, to skew the all-important meaning of this passage.