Christian Poems Sorted by Author

As our collection of Christian poems about Jesus Christ has grown, we’ve concluded we need to offer readers a faster way to locate specific authors’ poems. Each poet will be listed here, and each poem they’ve written will be listed under their name.

Mike Bullock’s Christian Poems
What Was SaidWithout You I Am Nothing
Hand It UpThe Father Is My Gardener
Hard DriveRock
Kingdom TyresAnglicans Anonymous
Abide in MeBall
It Is YouMy Friend
LukewarmDaily Presence
No SubstituteResolution
As Jesus HungGreed to Seed
Soft ScoopWho Am I?
New YearSalvation
RhubarbChristmas is Coming
RahabI Gaze
Forgive YourselfEmpty Vessel
IFEternal Life
Where Is the PeaceGrace 
Bless NEW!
Mark Tinjum’s Christian Poems
A TheistBeauty
The Servant’s WayPrelude to the Cross
A Lamb Among WolvesWhat I Could Not Do
Dust and DestinyThrough Different Eyes
Yet There is HopeThe Trade
Victory Through SufferingWhy
Who Knows?One and the Other
ColorsThe Missing Key
One DayRoyal Blood Shed – A Good Friday Poem
Which One?A Prince Among Men
One Minute Altar CallThe ABCs of Grace
By A Child ReconciledTo Be Emmanuel
MessiahWorship Rock  NEW!
Tim Binder’s Christian Poems
The Love of ChristUnnamed Poem
GloryMy Brother the King
Departed for GloryBroken No Longer
Bound for HellChrist Has Come
A Finished CourseAutumn Commemoration
A Lesson From A TreeI Have Sinned
The God Who SpeaksWhen Death Marches Through the Land
What Christmas Means to MeThe Christmas Story
My Cry!Did Jesus Die in Vain?
Ensnared and at PeaceHis Birth
Liz JamesAutonomous Man
I Cannot KnowForgiveness NEW! 

Cindy Wyatt’s Christian Poems
Homeland Security
Free Gift of Salvation
Jesus Came to Save
Jesus Paid My Debt
Jesus is the Way
Savior on the Cross
The Rich Man & Lazarus
The Great Divide
Jesus Loves You
Only Jesus

Belinda van Rensburg’s Christian Poems
Blessed Storms
The Dusty Old Book
The Sign of the Bow
Tears in Crystal Vials
Strong in You Lord
The Master Painter

Joseph J. Breunig 3rd’s Christian Poems
Brought to Enlightenment
Prism to our Past
Silent Words are Useless
Chained to Myself
A Sinner Like Me

Joan Curtin’s Christian Poems
An Invitation from the Master Gardener
Do You Know My Jesus?
Tragedy too Great to Bear
Emergency, Emergency, 9-1-1

Marlene’s Christian Poems
Be Still . . .
Your Help Comes From the Lord
Why I’m Praising the Lord
Through Christ You Can Do All Things
Drugged and Delivered

Emily’s Christian Poems
Untitled Poem
Untitled Poem #2
Untitled Poem #3

Emily Lo’s Christian Poems
There Is a Pit So Deep
I Saw a Little Girl of Seven
The New Chance: His Love

Robbie Kubusheski’s Christian Poems
Mercy Me
A Sinless Man — A Sinner’s Death

Karen Ong’s Christian Poems
Jesus — Our Hope
God Cares

Keith Wallis’s Christian Poems
by still waters

Hetty’s Christian Poems
Hold on to Jesus

Fredo Cruz’s Christian Poems
I Am Alive

Treasure’s Christian Poems
What Kind of Apples?
He’ll Move Your Mountain

Danny Fisher’s Christian Poems
The Old Man
Andy’s Story

Pauline Macpherson
God’s Gift

Doris Hayes Gibson
God’s True Beauty

Melinda Lancaster
And God Cried

Brenda Weston
We Remain

Stephanie N.
My Everything

Parable of the Fern and the Bamboo Tree

Jack Brown
Who Specified this Beautiful Day?

Scot Crone
Sunday’s Coming

Louise P. Heckman
Forgive Me Lord

Jo Ann Kelly

Isaac Yip
A Christmas Poem

J. Todd Jenkins
‘Twas the Beginning of Advent

Karen Fillman

District Elder M.L. Maughmer, Jr.
His Feet

Cinda M. Carter
Give Me a Friend

Shirley Smothers
Christ Love

Angela Wilson

Rassie Venter
From a Dark Corner

Jonathan Meeker
What I Am, Jesus Is More

Tom Williams
In The End

Remember Me

Lacie Londrie
Everlasting Savior

Bob Fegley
The Cross

Patricia Guinn
Three Nails

Georgia Ann Edelman
My Mom

Tiffany Mather
forgive me, i’ve forgotten

Pierre Jefferson
Resurrection Day

A Broken Man
Life or Death

Arturo M. Alegado
Make Me Strong Oh Lord

The U in Jesus

Bullies Molding


Robert Hedrick
Freedom Reigns

Claire M.

Michael Sawh
The River

Kenneth Boone
Wedding Festival

Ben Mouanoutoua
First Time

Chris McLean
Confession of a Ransomed Man

Morula Wa Kutukgolo
As We Grow and Wish to Glow

Patrick Harrison
A Sinner Saved by His Amazing Grace

Agnia P.
The Devil in the Confessional Box

Guy Maloney
Into the Harvest

Guy Maloney
Shaking the Dust

Hannah Buchholz
The Cross

David Archer

Andrew Balfour
In the Mirror

Karen Fitzpatrick
I Had a Dream

Mark Priestly
Strange Kind of Love

Steve Howell
Paradise vs Pleasure

Monica Ramirez
Always There

Kerrie Cochran
A Mother’s Love

Gerald Bergeron
The Best Is Yet to Come

Chris Warren
The Miracles of Jesus

Lanette Kissel
Tell Them of His Love

Jim Price
The Story – An Easter Poem

The Bread and the Wine

Brian Turner
Wasted Years

David L. Cooper
I Believe

Nicholas E. Gonzalez
When the Light Goes Out

Tristan Woster
Goodbye to Alcohol NEW!

The Finest Hour

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