The God Who Speaks

How silent the wind and the animals are
     When a storm is about to play.
How silent the hills of the battlefield are
     When the armies have turned away.
How silent the gym of a championship team
     Two hours after the game.
More silent the home where a child once was
     After death has laid its claim.

But such silence is loud, its tone deep and strong
     Compared to a silence on high.
If God did not speak, no noise would be heard,
     No ears would receive any cry.

A silent God? A dreadful thought!
     Oh pray that it never be.
A God of silence? A God unknown!
     Alone, acute agony.

But thanks be to God; His voice has been heard
     In every age of men.
From the first of the first to the last of the last
     His word was recorded by them.

He spoke but a word and the worlds were in place,
     The night was turned into day.
He spoke but a word, a word deep and strong,
     And Satan released His prey.

He still speaks today, a voice soft and sure,
     A voice so refreshingly kind.
If you’ll quiet your soul, and search in His Word,
     His voice you will hear in your mind.

A Christian poem by:  Tim Binder — February 10, 2008

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