Whoever Calls on His Name WILL Be Saved!

In 2004 it was early in the morning, around 4AM. I was out doing things I had no business doing. I was beat and dragged against my will into a lake where I was beaten severely until my eyes were closed shut. All I could do was call on the name of Jesus to save me.

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Whoever Calls On the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved!

Do Christians Need to Keep Confessing Sin?

You ask where Paul instructs us to confess our sins after we have been saved. As a student of Paul, you probably know that Paul never speaks in terms of confessing sins after we are saved. Nor does Paul ever instruct us to confess our sins before we are saved. Paul simply never teaches about confessing sins. Rather . . .

Should Christians Continually Confess Sins?

Can We Ever See Jesus? Meet Him?

I am Hindu by birth. Like all Hindus my family used to worship idols, but I believe in Jesus. My family knows it, and they scold me often, but I know Jesus has helped me in many ways. Still, I am not faithful to him. He is the living God yet I have never met Him. Let me see Him and be confirmed He is the true living God, or it would be the same as the Hindu gods. Let me tell my family that Jesus is real and that I have met Him.

Is It Possible For Me To See Jesus? To Meet Him?