Easter Makes Everything New

Good morning Everyone!

Check out this devotional called Easter Makes Everything New my sister made for Jim Cymbala (pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle).

It’s an eight-day devotional from some of Pastor Cymbala’s sermons. Start it today and you’ll finish up the day before Easter.

You can read the devotional on your computer (I think you need to sign up for a YouVersion account but it’s free) or you can read the devotional on your device. You just need the YouVersion app.

When We’re Messed Up, God Find Us and Fixes Us Up

Taylor, like so many unfortunate children, was exposed to sexual activity at a very young age. It had a profound (very negative) effect on her as she grew into a young woman. But her life changed when she met Jesus.

Where Did Paul Get His Inspiration? From God? From Other Apostles?

What resources did the apostle Paul have to write his epistles and letters? Was Paul’s inspiration divine revelation or did he have other apostolic writings? From my reading of the Book of Acts he appeared to have limited personal interaction with the other apostles.