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Our old Facebook page is still active; however, I’m unable to log into it or regain access to it. I tried logging in the other day, but I was unable to do so. Then I tried resetting the password. When I did that, they sent an email to the original email address that I used to sign up for the Facebook page. However, I hadn’t signed into that email address for so long that I had to reset that password as well. But when I tried to do that, Gmail wouldn’t allow me to reset that password because they didn’t recognize the device I was using. So after trying for about two hours, I gave up and created a new Facebook page for the site.

Ugh. Technology.

Jeremiah 17:9 – Some Thoughts

Jeremiah 17:9 – lost in translation?

Jeremiah 17:9 is one of those verses that seems to have been “lost in translation” over the centuries.

For a person not versed in the Hebrew language, the multiplicity of translations into English tends to throw doubt on the reliability of Scriptures. I suppose, at some point, we must all wrestle with the fact that our English versions are translations by men of what God originally wrote in other languages.

Some will state that the God has preserved His word perfectly in English. But why would God favor English over other languages? And if God did not preserve His word perfectly in Chinese, why would we think He did so in English? And if He perfectly preserved His word in all languages in which it is translated, then what do we do with the differences between the translations going into the different languages?

We think the better view is that God has preserved His word in the original languages.

Choices, Choices and More Choices

Every minute of every day, we are faced with choices. Have you ever really thought about that? You choose the words you say throughout the day. You choose the foods you eat. You choose what you focus on. You choose whether or not to pray. You choose who to speak to. You choose how fast to drive. You choose to read God’s Word (or not). You choose to play video games, watch TV, spend time with your kids, pet the cat, curse or bless . . . Right now I’m choosing the words I type and I’m choosing to stay up too late. Earlier I chose to swim. Then I chose to snuggle with my daughter. We constantly make choices. Are they the right ones?

Life Is About the Choices We Make

I’ve Sinned Against My Wife

Not too long ago (OK, it was a long time ago), a site reader sent in a question. The short version of the question went something like this.

I’ve sinned against my wife when we were going through a rough patch. I admitted it to her now she won’t talk to me. What can I do to regain her love and trust?

Tim, when he was still alive, penned a thoughtful and detailed answer. Click the link to check it out.

Will My Wife Ever Forgive Me?

More Coming!

Sorry I haven’t posted for some time. Life (and sometimes death) just gets in the way sometimes. I’m starting to catch up on things and will get back to posting new content soon.

Sometimes, with Tim gone, I just feel so inadequate to run the site. I can’t answer questions the way he could. I can’t give the insight that he gave. But I can continue to post new material (and many older items that Tim wrote that are yet unpublished) and will do so soon!

Stay tuned!

In His service,