New Facebook Page!

Hi All,

Don’t forget to like our new Facebook page if you haven’t already.

Our old Facebook page is still active; however, I’m unable to log into it or regain access to it. I tried logging in the other day, but I was unable to do so. Then I tried resetting the password. When I did that, they sent an email to the original email address that I used to sign up for the Facebook page. However, I hadn’t signed into that email address for so long that I had to reset that password as well. But when I tried to do that, Gmail wouldn’t allow me to reset that password because they didn’t recognize the device I was using. So after trying for about two hours, I gave up and created a new Facebook page for the site.

Ugh. Technology.

3 thoughts on “New Facebook Page!”

  1. Hugs

    Understand the frustration, just wanted to send a hug but technology says “Comment is too short. Please use at least 60 characters.”

    1. Ha ha! Betty, I can shorten that a little. It’s in place to stop spambots from commenting with links, etc. I also have a comment length limit to keep people from writing books in the comments section! Thanks for the attempted hug! (By the way, I shortened it to 50 characters.)

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