Messiah – A New Poem From Mark

Mark, our very own prolific ex-Portlandite, has submitted yet another poem. And this one is timed perfectly with the appearing of Christmas lights and the sounds of Christmas songs on the radio. Thanks Mark! We miss you. Be sure to check out Mark’s website.

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

Christmas. Did it stem from a pagan holiday or is it really the birthday of Jesus Christ?

Did Christmas stem from a pagan holiday? Is it true that the Roman Catholics earmarked that day for use as Christ’s birthday to eradicate a pagan holiday already being celebrated on that day? Was Jesus Christ really born on December 25? Does it even matter what day Jesus was really born? Should we celebrate Christmas? These are questions I’ve heard asked about a million times. Here’s our opinion.

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

The Christmas Story

A poem that succinctly tells the Christmas story. It’s a reminder of where our focus should be during this season.

What’s Christmas really about? Do you remember the real story? So many of us forget as we get caught up in the overwhelming busyness of the season. Let’s stop for a moment and recall the story of the Jesus of the Bible and His arrival on Earth.

The Christmas Story

Christmas is Coming

A poem about the true meaning of Christmas. Are you focused on money? Gifts? Santa? Lights? Forget about that stuff & remember Jesus.

This poem reminds us that Christmas isn’t just about blowing money. It’s not about going into debt, about giving the most or getting the most, or about Santa Claus. It’s about the Jesus of the Bible, the One who came to earth to give us eternal life. Let’s try keeping our focus where it belongs this Christmas season.

Christmas is Coming

What Christmas Means to Me

A Christian poem about the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus Christ.

Christmas. It’s almost here. We can focus on spending all our hard earned money in order to go deeply into debt so we can enjoy fighting an uphill battle to re-balance our finances for 2009, or we can focus on the real meaning of the season – Jesus Christ.

I choose the latter.

Tim’s written a poem describing a man with just this kind of focus – a man dedicated to knowing and finding His savior.

It’s called What Christmas Means to Me.

Autumn Commemoration – A Poem

A Christian poem commemorating Autumn and the death and resurrection of our Lord.

When Autumn arrives, when leaves fall and bitter cold begins to wipe out vibrant life, our thoughts can turn dark. This time of year often reminds me of my mortality. We all live, flourish . . . die. Yet Autumn also signifies celebration. Thanksgiving arrives. Christmas is just around the corner.

While Autumn can seem gloomy, real despair struck our planet in Spring . . . long ago . . . when our Savior was nailed to a tree.

Check out Tim’s latest poem . . .

Autumn Commemoration