The Christmas Story

A poem that succinctly tells the Christmas story. It’s a reminder of where our focus should be during this season.

What’s Christmas really about? Do you remember the real story? So many of us forget as we get caught up in the overwhelming busyness of the season. Let’s stop for a moment and recall the story of the Jesus of the Bible and His arrival on Earth.

The Christmas Story

A Finished Course – A Poetic Response to 2 Timothy

A poem describing Timothy’s feelings for Paul.

When I first read this poem, I thought it described a father – from a son’s viewpoint. But when I contacted the author (our own dear Tim), I found out it he intended it to be a poetic representation of Timothy’s feelings toward Paul. So, we could say that it does very nearly describe a father / son relationship as Paul calls Timothy, “my beloved son.”

Enjoy reading A Finished Course.