The Christmas Story

The prophets told the story
Before it ere occurred.
The angels came with gladness
To welcome Jesus’ birth.

The promise of the ages,
The king from Bethlehem,
Entered in a manger
To a world of dour men.

The shepherds saw the glory
And heard the heavenly song
Of a promised new beginning
To which each one could belong.

Mary kept the treasure
Stored deep within her parts.
This knowledge of the Son of God
Would one day pierce her heart.

She gazed down at the baby,
The face of Him who is,
And reached her hand to touch Him.
Oh what present bliss!

Simeon long had waited.
He’d been told there’d be this day
When he’d see the little baby
And then he’d go away.

Anna saw Him present.
Great joy lept in her soul.
She told all who’d listen that
Redemption’s cup was full.

Wise men saw the signal;
A star shown in the sky.
They travelled an epic journey
To see this One come nigh.

The reigning king did hate Him.
The priests didn’t like the fuss.
Rachel’s womb was weeping;
The sword, cruelty’s thrust.

Another sword reached deeper;
The nails drove through the flesh.
The thrones were set to mock the crown.
The grave clothes were spiced fresh.

But the story was not over.
As if a second birth,
The angels announced with gladness
His rising from the earth.

And the story still continues.
He sits in heaven above,
Returning again to this earth
To complete His promised love.

The birth in Bethlehem’s manger,
The cross on Calvary’s hill,
Tells us God our great Creator
Has loved, yet loves us still.

A Christian poem by:  Tim Binder

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