Reshmi’s Christian Testimony

Reshmi’s testimony starts like this:

I was born and raised a Hindu. My mother was a very devout Hindu woman and her faith instilled in us a strong belief in God. I grew up, earnestly believing in the gods that my religion offered and never found a reason to look beyond my religion.

When Reshmi’s gods didn’t answer her prayers, she turned to the Jesus of the Bible. And guess what? He did answer her prayers. Not to say that Jesus always gives us what we want. But He does let us know that He’s there. If we seek Him, we find Him. He makes Himself known to us and we can walk with Him from day to day. Find out how Reshmi found Jesus by clicking on the link below.

Reshmi’s Christian Testimony

My Life & Redemption

The testimony of a person deeply involved in Buddhism and how they came to know Jesus.

This testimony tells the story of a person deeply enmeshed in Buddhism and how they came to find the Jesus of the Bible.

I was born to a poor family that consisted of my mom and grandparents in a remote village of Wangdue District, in the kingdom of Bhutan. At the age of 10, my mom had passed away leaving me with grandparents.

My Life & Redemption

There is Hope

No matter what you’re experiencing: depression, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, despair, panic attacks – Jesus can rescue you.

This person’s life was spinning completely out of control. Depression, rage, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, hallucinations, psychiatric hospitals . . . the Jesus of the Bible can rescue anyone from any of these things (or all of these things).

There is Hope

Baptism & Salvation

Some say baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation? Is it? Does Scripture support that position?

This seems to be the never-ending topic.

So many people see baptism as a necessary requirement for salvation. Others go so far as to say it’s the act that brings salvation. We’re on the other side of the spectrum.

We see Scripture, time and again, telling us that we need to believe to be saved. Faith is the requirement. True faith will bring about a heart change. Being saved isn’t about some external act; it’s about running to God, trusting in Him, believing in His holy Word, living in constant communion with Him and being guided daily by His Holy Spirit.

It’s about having a relationship with the Jesus of the Bible.

Baptism & Salvation

Jesus Loves You

This poem by Cindy presents a clear illustration of what it means to love and be loved by the Jesus of the Bible.

Poetry speaks to some people . . . not to others. I’ll have to admit it doesn’t move me all that much (most of the time). Regardless of that, the poetry section on this site is growing faster than any other section. It’s also the most visited page on the site. So, apparently, poetry does speak to a lot of people. I have many more poems to post; I’m still way behind. In fact, the one I’ll tell you about in a minute was submitted in April. But it’s the last submission in April, and now I’m into May! I’m hoping to catch up soon. If you’ve submitted anything it’ll show up eventually.

Anyway, the poem I’m introducing today was submitted by Cindy. I love her poetry. She always presents a clear message of what it means to love and be loved by the Jesus of the Bible.

Jesus Loves You

I Cannot Know

An amazingly clever poem about logic and the truth.

I cannot know. Three words we’ve heard often from people who don’t believe.

I do not know. Again, words we’ve heard often from people who don’t believe in the Jesus of the Bible.

One of those statements is false. The other is most likely true.

Check out Tim’s latest poem, a clever collection of thoughts about logic and the truth.

I Cannot Know

Focus on Jesus

Keep your focus always and 100% on Jesus.

Bible study. Choir. Music. Sunday School. “Christian” activities often overshadow our relationship with God. Busyness trumps our relationship with the God of the Bible.

If the relationship is dead, the rest is meaningless.

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Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation? An Introduction

I am convinced God wants all believers to be baptized. But that does not negate the point of the article; belief in the Jesus of the Bible opens heaven’s doors for us; baptism doesn’t.

Many years ago I wrote an article about baptism.

I’ve received countless emails inquiring why I’d write such an article. Am I trying to mislead people? Am I trying to avoid being baptized myself? Am I making excuses for family members or friends who haven’t been baptized? Why write such a divisive article?

Hopefully this simple answer will suffice. Some time ago, someone tried convincing me that achieving salvation meant following strict procedures and rules. First I had to read these verses, then pray this, then do that, then this, then that, and so on. If I rejected the prescription, then I lacked genuine faith. If I didn’t accept the routine, then God didn’t accept me.

One of the steps in the recipe involved baptism by immersion. Without it, I’d never make it to heaven. The emphasis always lay in the procedures, not on the relationship.

My problem with the above is that I don’t find it in the Bible. I find strong evidence to the contrary. Jesus broke the rules. He established relationships. He baptized none. Paul baptized few. The thief on the cross went to be in Paradise with Jesus without baptism. Jesus told the rich young ruler in Luke 18 to “follow Me.” He wanted the man to forsake all and to be with Him. He told Martha in John 11 that “everyone who believes in Me will never die.” He asked her if she believed that. Do you believe it? I do. Nowhere does the Bible say, “Be baptized and you will be saved.” The closest you’ll find to that is Mark 16:16.

Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. (ESV)

What does this verse say? It says that anyone who does not believe will be condemned. And that’s what I affirm.

Does this mean baptism should be avoided? Not at all. Jesus began His ministry by being baptized (Matthew 3); He ended His ministry by commanding his disciples to go into all the world and baptize (Matthew 28:19). Peter tells us in Acts to be baptized. In the New Testament, when people came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, baptism followed. This pattern should be a model for us. I’d worry if someone opposed baptism.

Please read this article knowing that I have been baptized. I am convinced God wants all believers to be baptized. But that does not negate the point of the article; belief in the Jesus of the Bible opens heaven’s doors for us; baptism doesn’t.

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