I Cannot Know

“I do not know.” That statement is true
Of many remarks between me and you.
“I cannot know.” That statement is false.
How can you prove it? It has no pulse
Of life, it cannot be true
Unless you can show me some clue.

How do you know that you cannot know?
Has some one told you? Have you seen the show?
Have you read a book about logical thought?
Have you explored the possible and the not?

What evidence supports the assertion you make?
What thoughts underpin the position you take?
Have you considered all matters?
Have you consumed logic’s platters?
Are you omniscient?

Omniscient, oh no, for then you would know
That thing you profess now not to know.
If not omniscient, then I must ask
How do you perform this impossible task
Of knowing so certain that you cannot know?

And further I ask a question of you
Perhaps you can answer and show what is true.
Can others eat of your forbidden tree?
Can they know your impossibility?
Can I know a thought that you can’t?
Is knowledge such a selective plant?

Or have you considered that you, yourself, are able
To make knowledge impossible?
Do you refuse to search out the facts
Hiding behind the facade of “I can’t”?

Perhaps you prefer a system like flies
Of thoughts fleeing, flying, falling from skies,
Gathering here to feast off this bone
Gathering there to rest on that stone.
One thought is not better, nor is it worse
As long as we’re happy and have something to curse.

But a question I ask, within logic’s range,
How does your preference, reality change?
How does your choice affect what is right?
How does your liking reduce truth’s might?

Unknowns become known. Truth does prevail.
Often one thought rips open the veil
Exposing to light, what could not be known
Making it clear that the can’t can be shown.

“I cannot know.” But what if God said?
Certainly He knows, unless He is dead
Or maybe He lied to deceive us for fun
But I hardly believe that, we’ve seen His Son.

Who can contend that Jesus was bad?
Who can contend that the disciples were had?
Who can contend that the books they inscribed
Were filled with the words of that which they lied?

If you think it is so, then perhaps, just maybe
You should put to the test, the words that you see.
If false, you have gained a delightful discovery
Of fiction and facts, of hormones and history.
You’ve lost nothing at all by putting to test
The words of this book. In peace you may rest.

But if true, God speaks to us all.
If true, we must obey His great call.
If true, there’s a hell for His foe
And for each one who claims, “I cannot know.”

“I cannot know” is contrary to faith,
Rejecting revelation, the word that God saith.
Heaven awaits those who believe
And the truth of His Word receive.

“I cannot know” A bold statement to me.
How do you know that truth cannot be?
How do you know that God up above
Has not given His Word, His truth, and His love?
“I do not know” that I can believe.
“I cannot know”–you’re pulling my sleeve.

A Christian poem by:  Tim Binder

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