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Readers send in questions and we send out answers.  We often turn our answers into articles.  Any article we write that falls under the category of Christian Living we’ll post on this page.

Do You Know Him? ER
This will show you how to begin the Christian life, and to be saved, according to the Bible.

What Is Christianity all About? ER
Christianity is about knowing Jesus – plain and simple.

I Am Backsliding and Losing FaithNEW
Why do I keep backsliding? I’m trying to return to God but it seems I just keep moving away from Him.

The Way Back to GodNEW
When we’ve fallen away from God, is there a way back? Sometimes it feels impossible.

Can Christians Enjoy TV, Movies and Games?NEW
We can give up TV, movies, games, and a whole host of other things and still not be a Christian.

Seven Steps to Knowing God More
If life seems a bit chaotic, stop for a moment and think about what’s happening. These seven questions will help you as you attempt to re-focus.

I’m Addicted to Pornography
Is it possible to conquer pornography?

Should I Make Restitution for Past Sins?
Should Christians make restitution for past sins? If so, how does one determine exactly what to repay?

How Do I Know For Sure Jesus Is In My Heart?
If you invite Jesus in, He will come in.

I Find Myself Getting Angry at God
Sometimes we find ourselves angry at God. And then we feel distant from Him. How can these feelings be avoided?

How Do I Find a Good Church?
Here’s a simple but very important question.

Lies and Confession
We can’t let the lies of the devil keep up from believing the truths of Scripture.

I’ve Sinned On Purpose — Do I Have Any Hope?
If God didn’t forgive purposeful sin, none of us would have any hope.

I’m Scared that I Blasphemed the Spirit
Do you think you’ve committed the unpardonable sin? You probably haven’t.

Am I Living in Adultery?
Some quick questions about divorce and remarriage.

Is It OK For Christians to Drink Alcohol?
We’ve covered this one before.

Did the Holy Spirit Leave Me? Am I Going to Hell? Emotions can be a roller coaster in life. Fortunately, in most situations, we are not helpless.

Avoid Foolish and Ignorant Disputes
Are you known for your excellent arguing skills or your love?

Becoming Spiritually Strong Requires Action
Every minute of every day, we make choices. Are they the right ones?

Life Is About the Choices We Make
Every minute of every day, we make choices. Are they the right ones?

Will My Wife Ever Forgive Me?
I’ve sinned against my wife. Now I just don’t know what to do to regain her love and trust.

How Do You Know When God Is Talking to You?
Sometimes it’s difficult to discern God’s voice and to understand His will in a given situation.

Leave Your Life of Sin Behind!
God is willing to forgive us, even if our sins pile up to the sky.

If We Have Theological Systems but Have not Love . . .
I can’t even get along with my sister because our belief systems are so different!

How Can I Love Jesus More?
I feel empty — devoid of emotion. I sin constantly but I want to love Jesus more. Is it possible?

I Feel Hopeless – Can I Still Return to God?
Feelings of hopelessness are to be expected when we stray from God’s will. God is committed to us but His holiness does not find a willing counterpart in lives of sin.

I Am Ashamed of My Sin
When we sin, there is no need to wonder if we can be forgiven. We can.

The Best Way to Study the Bible
There is no “best” way to study the Bible. But here are some ideas that will make your study of God’s Word more effective.

My Wife Doesn’t Love Me Anymore
My wife doesn’t love me anymore. She insults me. She doesn’t want to be around me or the kids. What can I do?

Is Anything Off Limits Sexually for Spouses?
Are we limited in our sexual activity with our spouses?

I Am Lonely — I Drive Others Away
Being a Christian is about loving others. It’s about serving. When we are others-focused, making friends is easy.

I Want to Get Married — Is God Listening?
Christian living is putting aside our desires and giving them to God. Then we focus on serving others.

Knowing vs Doing — Knowledge Puffs Up but Love Builds Up
As Christians, we need to know God’s Word, but more importantly, we need to put into practice what it tells us.

Should I Tell My Husband?
To tell or not to tell. That is the question.

God Left Me
When we feel abandoned by God, what should we do? How do we reconnect?

Does God Really Forgive Me After Repeated Sin?
I find it incredibly hard to believe that God forgives me upon request, especially when I sin repeatedly.

A Word from the Holy Spirit
Sometimes we desire a word from the Holy Spirit . . . something to guide us.

Watching Porn–How Do I Stop?
I want to stop watching porn, but I just can’t seem to do it for a prolonged period of time!

How to Deal with Bad Theology
How do we respond appropriately to bad theology?

Seeking Reconciliation
Hebrews 12:14 seems to say that we should seek reconciliation with everyone. How can we possibly be reconciled to everyone we have wronged?

I Don’t Feel the Holy Spirit in My Life
After a hiatus, I have returned to God. But I don’t feel the Holy Spirit in my life. I read God’s Word and pray constantly. Where is the Holy Spirit?

Will God Bring My Wife Back?
My wife left me. I have nobody now. I never cheated on her and I still love her. She says she still loves me but I don’t really know what that means. I want her back. Will God bring her back to me?

I Feel No Remorse for My Sin
Sin has become just enjoyable to me. I no longer feel remorse. I no longer feel God’s conviction and it’s scaring me.

Winning the Battle Against Internet Porn
If you want to win the battle, I can tell you how. But I will also tell you that most people are too lazy to fight to win. We fail to discipline our minds and because we do not gird up the loins of our minds (1 Peter 1:13), we lose repeatedly.

Masturbation Makes Me Feel Guilty
I feel really guilty when I masturbate. I try to suppress the urge but often fail. I no longer have the boldness to ask God for mercy.

Has God Abandoned Me?
I sin (intentionally and deliberately). I stop. I ask forgiveness. I do it all over again. Am I really forgiven? Am I deceiving myself?

Tithes and Offerings–Why Should I Give?
Giving. Giving. Giving. The church is always talking about giving and I don’t have any money to give!

10 Principles for Godly Living
These simple practices can help you enhance your relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a great article for parents!

What Is Repentance?
What does it mean to repent? It involves a complete turnaround – a change of thinking.

Sin and Repentance
Sometims sin warps our conscience and deadens our hearts.

Pornography, Masturbation, Temptation
So many people struggle with temptations like pornography and masturbation. How can we overcome temptations and avoid sin?

I Have So Many Problems
I have so many problems. I wonder if it’s because I’ve failed God.

I Feel Like a Failure
I feel like a complete failure. I can’t find a job. My son and I struggle financially. My past sins continue to haunt me.

My Evil Wife Made My Life a Living Hell
It’s a lot easier to label others as evil instead of recognizing our own sin.

Time to Move On
Leaving a relationship can be extremely difficult. But when a human relationship separates us from God, it’s time to move on.

Seek God Continually
At times it may feel as though life is falling apart. You can choose to allow Satan to drag you into a pity party, or you can choose to be thankful for what you have and continue to seek God with all your heart.

Thinking Patterns — Refocus Your Mind
It’s easy to fall into patterns of sin. If that happens, we need to be diligent to retrain our minds to focus on things of God. Tactics like memorizing Scripture will create new thinking patterns in the mind which will eventually replace old thinking patterns.

Where Is God?
In our lives we often have awesome God-experiences where He amazes us in one way or another. But life is not most lived in these moments; it is most lived in the in-between times.

Focus On Jesus
It’s easy to let distractions creep in and take our focus off of Jesus. Being intentional about our thoughts can keep this from happening.

Sin — I Can’t Stop
I continue to sin, often intentionally. Will God abandon me? Is there any hope for me? What should I do?

Forget the Past
Sometimes our past can haunt us. But we can train our minds to think on things that are good.

Why do people lie?
People lie for a variety of reasons. But we, as Christians, should always be known as those who speak the truth in love.

Can I Control My Thoughts?
I struggle with negative thoughts about God. Horrible thoughts often creep in and cause me to doubt my salvation.

I Need Forgiveness
God offers forgiveness upon repentance. But people aren’t always so merciful.

Should Believers Argue About Doctrine?
Often Christians engage in passionate arguments about theology and doctrine. Is this reasonable behavior for a Christian?

Choose Life
It’s so easy to give up and give in to sin. It’s hard to be discplined to follow God and avoid sin. My faith is slowly crumbling.

My Husband Is Drinking
I’m a Christian. My husband is a believer as well but he drinks all the time. How do I deal with this?

Am I Qualified to Preach
I’m a sinner. I am not perfect. Am I qualified to preach?

People are the Problem–Not Marijuana
Marijuana is just a plant. And it’s got many great uses. People need to stop blaming the plant and start blaming people who abuse it.

Will God Forgive My Sin?
I have committed such a terrible sin that I cannot recount it. Will God be willing to forgive me? What can I do?

God Is not Close to Me
God may catch your attention with an intense miracle. But if you live your life waiting for similar experiences, you’ll probably be disappointed. God might continue to amaze you in surprising and supernatural ways. But life is mostly lived in the in-between times, even when God can’t be felt.

How to Overcome Hate
Hate can overwhelm your mind. Replacing it with love can be a difficult task. But it can be done. Thoughts can be controlled. Minds can be trained.

Marijuana Is Not Bad
Marijuana is good stuff. Hemp has hundreds of positive uses. Marijuana has never killed even one person!

My Son Is on Drugs
Living for Jesus is no guarantee that tragedy will not strike our lives.

Panic Attacks — My Past Haunts Me
It’s easy to remember what we’ve done and lose hope for our future. This is not God’s plan for our lives.

My Terrible Sin
Sometimes we do something so terrible we think God simply can’t forgive us for it. Is this true?

Living a Double Life
Here’s what we mean when we talk about living a “double life” and why it is not pleasing to God.

Sexual Thoughts
Sexual thoughts can seem overpowering. Can they be overcome?

Return to God
When we’ve been walking in sin for a time, and we decide to return to God, it won’t be all peaches and cream. Sin will continue to draw us. Satan will be loathe to relinquish his hold on our lives. As Philippians 2 tells us, we’re going to need to work out our faith with fear and trembling. God wants us back, but He wants us to be committed to Him with everything that we are.

Our True Family
As Christians, it’s imperative that we regularly fellowship with other Christians.

Are We Saved by Faith and Works?
The Bible says we’re saved by faith. But James says our faith is dead if we don’t have works. So are we saved by faith and works?

Christians Can’t Drink!
Do we condemn all Christians who drink alcohol?

Is Masturbation a Sin?
Is the Bible clear on the issue of masturbation? Is it a sin to masturbate?

Confessing My Sin
Do we need to confess the specific details of our sin to others?

Forgiveness in Jesus
Sometimes we think our sin excludes us from God’s forgiveness. It’s simply not so.

Obeying God’s Commands
We do not believe we are under the law. We need to live by the Spirit; this will lead to a desire to keep God’s law.

Let Go and Let God
The “Let Go and Let God” theology seems pretty popular. But does it line up with what Scripture says?

Overcoming Sin
The battle is won or lost in the mind.

Older than Dirt
Sometimes it’s hard to slow down and let God do His work. An article about waiting on Him and being content. By Peter Lamb, founder of LambCreek – Christian Creative Services

The Unpardonable Sin
The Bible tells us that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is an unpardonable sin. But what exactly is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?

Why Do Christians Suffer?
Some people think Jesus came to deliver us from suffering. Those people must be reading a different Bible than me.

Focus on Jesus
Sometimes going to church, singing in the choir, taking communion, going to Bible study, and all the other “Christian” activities we participate in overtake our relationship with God. When His blessings become more than Him, something’s gone wrong.

A Biblical Approach to Confessing Sin
The Bible says to confess our sins to one another. But should we confess when that sin might ruin lives?

Showing Children Love
Recently someone asked us if we think it’s important to show children love. We couldn’t imagine not!

Should Christians Wear Jewelry?
Jewelry, or the wearing of jewelry, is never the issue in life. The issue is what is the love of our lives. If Christ is our love, then jewelry will not be an issue. If Christ is not our love, then we need to deal with that issue.

Addicted to Pornography
Those who pursue pornography are like an ox that goes to the slaughter. Its house is the way to hell, descending to the chambers of death.

Life Is Falling Apart
Sometimes it seems like life is falling apart. God seems distant. How should we deal with these seasons of drought in our lives?

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
Is today’s church doing all it can to love people like Jesus commanded?

How to Hear God’s Voice
God speaks to His people. We simply need to learn to recognize His voice.

First Fruits – A Biblical Principle?
I do not see that God has commanded us to give our firstfruits. However, He has commanded us to lay up treasures in heaven and sometimes if we wait to do so, we will never get it done.

Is Taking Methadone a Sin?
Is taking doctor-prescribed methadone a sin?

Is Drinking Alcohol a Sin?
Should Christians be drinking alcohol? Find out what the Bible has to say about it.

Justification of Sin
Does God ever justify sin? Scripture is clear on the matter.

My Wife Left Me
Determine in your heart that you will continue to serve God with all of your heart, no matter what happens in life. This life is short and passes quickly. Eternity with God is forever. Live, look, and long for eternity.

There’s Grace at the Cross
Christians should be givers, not only of money, but of themselves. A short sermon written on II Corinthians 8:1-15.

Does Scripture mandate 10% of our income?

How Can I Know I’m Saved?
We can know that we’re saved. We can have assurance of eternal life. God’s Word says so.

Searching Our Hearts
We should take care to examine the state of our hearts.

Is Doing Drugs a Sin?
Is is alright for Christians to use drugs?

Lust – Can it Be Beaten?
Can lust ever be completely beaten? Or is it something that’s just natural to give in to?

What Is Repentance?
What does it mean to repent? It involves a complete turnaround – a change of thinking.

What Is Belief?
What is “belief” as Scripture explains it?

When the Praises Go Up, the Blessings Do Not Necessarily Come Down
When we praise God, we should be focused on things of heaven and on Him, not on our own physical or material blessings.

Can God Ever Forgive Me?
Some people may wonder if they’ve sinned so much that they can never be forgiven. It’s simply not true. God loves to forgive. Only return to Him and He will return to you.

Know God More
Here’s an insightful response to our article, “Do You Know Him?”.

The Key to Knowing God
The key, given by Scripture, to knowing God and living a successful Christian life.

How Is Your Performance?
As Christians, sometimes we experience burnout. Is Jesus running your life, or are you trying to run it yourself?

My Testimony
Here’s a story about my Christian life. It’s also a story about my life before Jesus saved me.