Is Doing Drugs a Sin?

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Is doing drugs a sin? I want to know where it says in the Bible that doing drugs is a sin.

Tim’s Answer
Thanks for your question on whether or not doing drugs is a sin and if the Bible talks about drugs.

You will not find the word “drugs” in most English versions of the Bible. However, the New Testament portion of the Bible was originally written in Greek. The Greek word “pharmakia” from which we get our words “pharmacy” and “pharmaceutical” is found in Galatians 5:20 where it is translated into English as “sorcery” but has an underlying meaning of “drugs.” It is one of the results of living a life apart from the Spirit of God. The Greek word is also found in Revelation 9:21 where it is listed with murders and sexual immorality as being something from which people have not repented. The same Greek word appears in Revelation 18:23 where it is linked to wicked Babylon and to deception.

For Christians, there are two additional reasons why doing drugs that are not medicinal are a bad idea. First, drugs tend to alter the mind and lead to addiction and control. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 6:12:

All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

He repeats this very idea just a few chapters later in 1 Corinthians 10:23 where he says:

All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful; all things are lawful for me, but all things do not edify.

There are things that one may do that do not lead one closer to Christ. Doing drugs is one of those things. Drugs bring one under its own power. In this sense, it is a sorcery. Drugs do not build up the body of Christ, but rather tear it down. Drugs sap your strength, occupy your mind, consume your resources so that you cannot bless others with what you have, create a dependency, control, sap life from a person, and often kill. Drugs do not edify (build you up and make you stronger or make you to be a blessing to your family or draw others to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ). Do not be deceived by them.

A third reason why doing drugs is a bad idea for a Christian is found in the command God has given to us to obey our government. Romans 13:1-2 tells us to be subject to the governing authorities and not to resist the authority. Titus 3:1 tells us to obey such authorities. I Peter 2:13 says:

Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake.

Most of us live in countries where drugs are not legal. As part of our service to God, we should obey such authority and not use drugs.

Instead of seeking a “high” or “buzz” from drugs, we as Christians should seek to be in love of Jesus Christ. The first and great command remains to love God with all of our heart. If we spend our time pursuing a love for Jesus Christ, seeking to get to know Him through prayer, reading and memorizing the Bible, and doing what He tells us to do, we will find that our relationship with Him is far more powerful, enriching, and rewarding than any experience from drugs. I urge you to get into fellowship with a group of Christians and agree with each other to do whatever you can to make each other a stronger and more vibrant Christian.

your servant in Christ,


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  1. Hello Tim, could you please respond to this question I have? I consider myself a Christian- not because I go to church or don’t go t church- not because I spread the gospel or don’t spread the gospel…etc- but because I believe in my heart- and have confessed with my mouth that Christ is Lord. All things aside- I am prescribed Marijuana- originally I obtained my prescription- because I wanted to enjoy it legally- and I have researched it- in that it is safer and heathier than alcohol- however- I have found that it truly helps with my insomnia- I do not smoke all day every day- rather when I retire at night- I smoke some about 1.5 hours before going to sleep- and it helps me sleep soundly….do you think Christ would find fault in this? Thank you for this writing- I am an infant in the Lord- I found it very helpful.

    1. Brother Richard, pray over the verses Tim shared. Man’s discernment = moral disaster. Christ’s needful death in our place proves our moral inability. Using substances solely for entertainment/amusement, or intoxication is not something Believers should do. Saints in Christ must be sober-minded to filter things to avoid & to remain in proper control. Christians achieve “proper control” by yielding to the indwelling Holy Spirit according to God’s Word. To _like_ medicinal effects/side effects is not a sin, but believers should seek to exalt Christ. Carefully, prayerfully use prescribed medicine in good conscience, but lungs weren’t designed for smoke! Make tea or cookies. Does anything reduce enjoyment of God or good conscience?…

    2. It is God’s will and command that we cherish and protect our body, for it is God’s temple to live in us. I imagine that we are kind of like Job, and Satan goes before God – accusing us. When we repent, God is so proud. Then comes Satan with temptation hoping we’ll give in, so he can accuse us…

  2. So the Greek word were we get pharmacy means sorcery bc sorcery to me is magic and magic is an illusion. So when Dr’s put me on adderall a amphetamine loratab an opiet lyrica this ones awesome bc it makes you loose functions such as being able to control peeing on yourself bc you can’t or cymbalta or colodopin which if not taken daily and weined off of it cause seizures strokes. Sir having a mental illness is the most eviliest things and i suffer from some very harsh ones and have been on meds for 23 yrs and my body slowly shuts down bc of them how are they better for me then the ones that are street made . I believe in God I also believe the Bible is his law but pharmaceutical are just as evil as street drugs research hazardous antibiotic

    1. I’m sorry to hear. I use to be on meds years ago. Legal drugs or street drugs are all the same. There lies. Period. Mental illness along with it. Lies from the enemy. The Lord Jesus freed me from medications over a year ago. While those quacks said I’d never be off em. Hear I am. Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia as far as I’m concerned are spiritual issues and not chemical. Was diagnosed bipolar 1 with psychotic features. Was in and out of hospitals countless times. The more I sought God. The more I prayed. Was led to a apostolic church and more I prayed… The truth of all my experiences came to light.

      1. There are many more reasons to use prescription drugs than psychological reasons. God can use the medical community, and He works through medicine at times. It is a sad thing when people limit how God can work in our lives.

    2. Michelle, I’m sorry you struggle with mental illness. Sadly, I am familiar with it. I agree with your observation that street pharmaceuticals are just as dangerous as shop pharmaceuticals. I’ll expand on the observation that Sorcery = Magic = Illusion.

      Biblically, sorcerers obtain influence/benefit/power from a _source_other_than_ God or human efforts & natural procedure. The results pretend to be from God, or are promoted “as good as, or better than” what God provides. Masquerading as a valid substitute, those deceived are kept farther from God. The Bible also calls rebellion “witchcraft”, since rebels move away from God.

      Sorcery = Magic = Illusion = Deception . . . It pretends, opposes & deceives.

      Obey the doctor, but…

    3. Michelle, sorry you struggle with mental illness – I’m also familiar with it. AGREED: street pharmaceuticals are as dangerous as shop pharmaceuticals.

      Sorcery/Magic/Illusion: “Pharmakia” is presented in English versions as sorcery/witchcraft/spiritism/casting spells, etc. Similar to rebellion, which the Bible calls “witchcraft”, sorcery relies upon something other than God. It obtains influence, power or benefit from SOURCES other than God or natural procedure. Sorcery either masquerades as God’s work, or as a valid replacement for his provision. It steals credit from Him, and its primary activity is to divert people from God through deception.

      Difficulties are permitted so we can turn TO God in our trials, and away FROM self &…

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