Why Do People Lie?

People lie for all sorts of reasons. But as Christians, we should be known for speaking truth.

People lie for all sorts of reasons. Usually it’s to protect themselves (kids and adults alike) or to make money or gain an advantage in some way. But as Christians, we should be known as those who always speak the truth, in love.

Why Do People Lie?

My Husband is Drinking

Serving Jesus when life really sucks isn’t easy but it’s essential.

I often find myself in situations I don’t like. I often find myself being treated poorly by others. I haven’t experienced this in my marriage, but what if I did? How would I react?

Living for Jesus isn’t always easy, but it should always, as Christians, be our number one priority. Even in extra-difficult situations we should seek to please Jesus and do as He would have us do. Please don’t think I’m being preachy; I fail miserably all the time. But even through my failures, I know that seeking to love and serve Jesus Christ should always be first in my mind.

My Husband is Drinking

Paul’s Gospel

Was Paul a self-appointed apostle and a liar? Or should Christians be studying his stuff as the basis for their faith?

A site reader told us that her pastor taught only the Pauline epistles. The pastor went so far as to say that Christians only need study Paul’s writings. But then the reader also heard others claim that Paul was a self-appointed apostle and a liar. So which is it?

Paul’s Gospel

My Life Before Jesus

Brooke’s testimony tells of God’s mercy. He listens to those who call on His name.

Brooke’s testimony is powerful.

It’s an illustration of God’s promise to never leave or forsake us.

Brooke ran as far from Him as she could. But when she needed Him, she cried out to Him and He answered her. He came to her in her time of need.

Not only that, but Brooke had a network of Christians praying for her. God listened to those prayers and he responded to them in a powerful way. The prayer of the saints is effective (James 5:16).

I rejoice with Paul, knowing that the gospel of God is being preached through Brooke and her story. Praise God! I’m thankful to serve One who will never leave or forsake us . . . One who will always welcome us home.

My Life Before Jesus – Brooke’s Christian Testimony

The Significance of Fasting

Fasting isn’t enjoyable. Do we really need to do it? What’s the Biblical model for fasting? Is it important? Why?

What does the Bible say about fasting? Is it important? What is its significance? Do we, as Christians, really need to fast? If so, why? Is there a Biblical model that shows us how to fast?

Here’s what we’ve found Scripture to say.

The Significance of Fasting

More on The Rapture

Three articles about the rapture.

Will Christians be whisked away before the coming of the Day of the Lord? We’ve discussed the rapture in two articles already, so I’ve decided to name this one, The Rapture, Part III.

I’ve changed the previous one to The Rapture, Part II (naturally).

If you have the patience to read all three of these articles, you’ll gain an understanding into our stance on the rapture.

Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

Should Christians consume alcohol?

Is drinking alcohol sinful? Should Christians abstain from alcohol? Some Christians think drinking is no big deal. Others wouldn’t touch a bottle of beer with a ten foot pole or even sniff food cooked with alcohol. See what the Bible has to say about it.

Is It a Sin for Christians to Drink Alcohol?