More on The Rapture

Three articles about the rapture.

Will Christians be whisked away before the coming of the Day of the Lord? We’ve discussed the rapture in two articles already, so I’ve decided to name this one, The Rapture, Part III.

I’ve changed the previous one to The Rapture, Part II (naturally).

If you have the patience to read all three of these articles, you’ll gain an understanding into our stance on the rapture.

What Does Scripture Say About the Rapture?

Even though the Bible doesn’t mention the word “rapture,” the event is described in Scripture.

Will Christians be whisked away in the blink of an eye, escaping the troubles of the Great Tribulation? We hear a lot about the “rapture” but that word is never mentioned in Scripture. Still, the Bible does have some things to say about the event.

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The Rapture in the Bible