What Does Scripture Say About the Rapture?

Even though the Bible doesn’t mention the word “rapture,” the event is described in Scripture.

Will Christians be whisked away in the blink of an eye, escaping the troubles of the Great Tribulation? We hear a lot about the “rapture” but that word is never mentioned in Scripture. Still, the Bible does have some things to say about the event.

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The Rapture in the Bible

3 thoughts on “What Does Scripture Say About the Rapture?”

  1. Hi Tim, thanks for your article about the rapture. That’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve always been taught from the perspective that Jesus will take the church away before the tribulation, and I can see from Scripture many reasons for thinking that. Besides what you mentioned, it seems also that since God brought Noah and his family and Lot and his family out before he sent judgement on their societies, He does not intend His church to undergo the judgement He intends for the world.

    But in my own reading of Scripture, I’ve always been unclear about some Scriptures that seem to point the other way. Daniel 7:8-13, Matthew 24:15-31 and 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 all seem to indicate that Jesus will gather His elect after the tribulation. I’ve heard people say that Jesus will come back and rapture us first, but not actually touch the earth, and then after the tribulation He will come back and set foot on the Mount of Olives. What do you think these passages mean in this regard?

  2. Dear Me,
    I know what you mean, i need to state, i don’t think in the rapture. actually it has been a huge joke in my experience to find out individuals with bumper stickers saying “in case associated with rapture this particular car is going to be unmanned”however i am thinking about studying.my values are usually forever changing at this time as i find out more. we are un-writing fake beliefs and attempting to educate myself.. you can too please describe from scripture?as well as, perform just about all christian’s believe in the particular rapture? -besides JWs.. i had been raised a Jehovah see therefore i wonder if which is not the main reason associated with the not really thinking or even if there is a more valid reason not to think.many thanks in advance (no issue your viewpoint)

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