Hetty’s Christian Testimony

Read Hetty’s amazing Christian testimony of the power of Jesus Christ. She has struggled through continual sickness and pain, but still keeps Jesus front and center in her life.

Late last night I read a flabbergasting life story of a woman racked with disease and pain. As I read her tweets and her messages to me, she sounded energetic, upbeat and happy. That, my friends, is an authentic demonstration of the power of Jesus Christ at work in a person’s life. I’m a believer, but if I had to go through half of the troubles Hetty’s been through, I think my attitude might really suck.

Read Hetty’s testimony of faith here.

4 thoughts on “Hetty’s Christian Testimony”

  1. I am Hetty’s husband. God has done some amazing things in Heather’s life. She struggles daily with her health..but through it all, she has learned that Jesus has a plan for our lives we do not always understand on this side of heaven. Heather has been able to reflect Jesus to others and her health issues, in reality, have been a blessing for her. Without them, she may never have found Jesus..and I may never have grown in my faith. I pray God heals her..but no matter what we will take each day and make it glorifying to our Lord the best we can. God is good all the time.


  2. Lynn & Christian,
    thanks for weighing in. I couldn’t believe how I felt after reading Hetty’s testimony and feeling her strong sense of purpose. Truly God has worked miracles in her life. Her faith and courage is inspiring.

  3. This is amazing story. I expected Hettie to be healed physically, but instead she continues to thank God for the life He has given her in spite of her illness and her hardships. She is a woman who truly knows God in a way that those with perfect health don’t. I agree with you Eric, although I don’t her (I wish I could meet her) Hettie’s testimony and life are inspiring.

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