Unnamed Poem

This poem reminds us that our job is to submit to His will and remain faithful ’til the end.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what God’s thinking. Our lives seem full of needless suffering and pain. We do all we can to please Him . . . yet, life remains hard. We don’t understand.

This poem reflects on God’s sovereignty as He guides and directs our lives. Our job is simply to submit to His will and remain faithful ’til the end.

Unnamed Poem

From Atheist to Believer

From Atheist to Believer – a hard-core atheist and miserable drug addict turns to Jesus.

I recently received this moving story from Shawn. He lived a life full of pain and regret. He was a hard-core atheist and fully addicted to drugs. He spent years of his life wallowing in misery and depression. Find out how God freed him from all of it.

One detail that might go unnoticed in this story really struck me. As Shawn lived in a hotel for months on end, he threw a Bible away a number of times. Every time he came back to his room the maid had taken it out of the trash and put it on his bed or nightstand. We don’t know that maid’s name or anything about her. What we know is that her commitment to pulling that Bible out of the trash ultimately saved Shawn’s life.

Let her example encourage you to listen to Jesus today.

From Atheist to Believer

Savior on the Cross

Jesus paid an awful price so we could have eternal life. We owe Him our allegiance. A moving poem.

Can you imagine a crowd of people screaming at you, pushing you, punching you . . . all the while knowing they were planning to kill you in a grotesque manner?

I broke my nose last week and had to have it reset yesterday. The anticipation of the pain made me very nervous (yes, I’m a complete and utter wimp). When I felt (and heard) the bones grinding in my face, I thought, “This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt!” But getting a nose snapped back in place is nothing compared to what Jesus endured for us.

Cindy’s poem reminds us that Jesus paid the price for our sins, by suffering a gruesome, painful death that He knew about beforehand – so we could have eternal life.

Savior on the Cross

Hetty’s Christian Testimony

Read Hetty’s amazing Christian testimony of the power of Jesus Christ. She has struggled through continual sickness and pain, but still keeps Jesus front and center in her life.

Late last night I read a flabbergasting life story of a woman racked with disease and pain. As I read her tweets and her messages to me, she sounded energetic, upbeat and happy. That, my friends, is an authentic demonstration of the power of Jesus Christ at work in a person’s life. I’m a believer, but if I had to go through half of the troubles Hetty’s been through, I think my attitude might really suck.

Read Hetty’s testimony of faith here.

How to Handle Pain

Does God seem distant? These basics of Christianity will help guide you through the difficult times.

We just posted a new article on truthsaves. I had a hard time naming it . . . but I called it, “Life is Falling Apart.” It’s the mini-story of a lady who wrote us asking for advice on how to connect with God. She has been suffering through a lot of pain. I think we all go through times in life where God seems distant. Our faith feels emotionless. How do we get through these times? Tim shares some good insights, some basics of Christianity that we (I, anyway) often forget.

Check out the article.