Savior on the Cross

Jesus paid an awful price so we could have eternal life. We owe Him our allegiance. A moving poem.

Can you imagine a crowd of people screaming at you, pushing you, punching you . . . all the while knowing they were planning to kill you in a grotesque manner?

I broke my nose last week and had to have it reset yesterday. The anticipation of the pain made me very nervous (yes, I’m a complete and utter wimp). When I felt (and heard) the bones grinding in my face, I thought, “This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt!” But getting a nose snapped back in place is nothing compared to what Jesus endured for us.

Cindy’s poem reminds us that Jesus paid the price for our sins, by suffering a gruesome, painful death that He knew about beforehand – so we could have eternal life.

Savior on the Cross

Debbie’s Testimony of Deliverance

Abuse led to MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) which led to a chaotic life of false reality.

Here’s an excerpt from this amazing story . . .

At age 12, I was saved. I’d always felt drawn to having a ministry of some kind. In the 80’s, at a different church, I started a ministry of going to the juvenile detention center to talk to the kids. During that time, I went to the pastor and told him what I went through in my head each day. When numerous prayers for me to be healed weren’t answered in that church’s timing, I was told I was possessed. That pastor told me the only way for me to be free, would be for me to kill myself. I was told to stay away from people, and people were told to stay away from me. So, I stayed away from most people for the past twenty six years. I’d always been terrified of people because of all the abuse in my life, but after that, I was terrified of church people, too. I’d been rejected by a church, and felt rejected by God, too. Those were the lowest times in my life.

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