Debbie’s Testimony of Deliverance

Abuse led to MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) which led to a chaotic life of false reality.

Here’s an excerpt from this amazing story . . .

At age 12, I was saved. I’d always felt drawn to having a ministry of some kind. In the 80’s, at a different church, I started a ministry of going to the juvenile detention center to talk to the kids. During that time, I went to the pastor and told him what I went through in my head each day. When numerous prayers for me to be healed weren’t answered in that church’s timing, I was told I was possessed. That pastor told me the only way for me to be free, would be for me to kill myself. I was told to stay away from people, and people were told to stay away from me. So, I stayed away from most people for the past twenty six years. I’d always been terrified of people because of all the abuse in my life, but after that, I was terrified of church people, too. I’d been rejected by a church, and felt rejected by God, too. Those were the lowest times in my life.

Read the rest of Debbie’s amazing testimony of deliverance from MPD.

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Christian Testimony – Deliverance from Satanism

A Christian testimony of deliverance from Satanism.

Yet another unbelievable Christian testimony has been submitted to us! When are you going to submit your story? We are waiting. And so is someone else – someone you probably don’t know – someone waiting to hear God’s voice in their lives. Your story could be the one that changes someone’s life. No story is too boring or too normal. God has moved in our lives in amazing ways and we challenge you to get your story in to us! Don’t wait! Take a few minutes to check out some tips for writing a powerful testimony, then get writing!

Anyway, back to the main point . . . we’ve just posted a new Christian testimony of a man who was delivered from hell on earth. He even tried to take his own life at one point – but God wasn’t having any of that.

Go ahead – read his testimony and be blessed.

New Testimony – Sheila’s Deliverance

Read Sheila’s testimony of God’s amazing grace in her life.

This phenomenal Christian testimony has actually been on my site for a long time, but Sheila recently made some modifications and adjustments to it, and asked me to re-post it. I have done so.

This story reveals a true deliverance. Read it and be blessed.

Read the story of Sheila’s amazing deliverance here.