Delivered from Satanism and Demons

I was an eclectic or self-styled Satanist. In other words, if it worked, I used it. I started out basically a philosophical Satanist; LaVeyan Satanism. But, I found out that there was a ‘power’ or demons were available, thus I began to pursue traditional Satanism, while holding on to what worked from LaVey; his self-centered philosophies.

I ended up being possessed by demons because I gave myself over to them in exchange for their ‘power’. After coming to Jesus Christ, I was delivered from the demons. Here is my testimony . . .

After four years in satanism, I was miserable. I had seen everything that Satan had to offer, and still I was miserable. I decided that the only thing left to do, as a “respectable satanist,” was to kill myself. But before I even checked into the motel, I knew that something or someone might cause me to lose my nerve. For company and courage, I took along a bottle of whiskey and a bag of marijuana. I put the rifle to my head but somehow I could not pull the trigger. I knew that the rifle worked, but I just could not pull the trigger. Disgusted with myself, I tried again the next night. On a September night in 1981, I tried to hang myself. I put the rope over a rafter in the garage, and kicked the chair out from under me. I landed on the floor with the rope still tied to the rafter. “What a failure,” I thought, ” I can’t even kill myself.”

The story of my involvement in satanism is so classic that it’s almost cliche’. I was a lonely young man from a dysfunctional family. My father was an alcoholic. Things at home got worse until finally, my parents divorced. I was looking for a place to belong. I was looking for people who would pay attention to me and give me acceptance. I was looking for love, but I was caught in the middle of a violent house that left me feeling hopeless and frightened. In response, I started looking to the supernatural for courage and for some mystic power over my early existence. I was ripe for such an experience, and for a long time I had been interested in magic and other aspect of the paranormal. Even as a young boy, I knew that there was a spirit realm, and that there had to be a way to tap into it.

My first contact with satanism came when in 1978; a snowstorm took my hometown by surprise. I was a 17 year old high school senior, and was working in a local store during the storm. I was just beginning to wonder how I would get home that night, when the store’s assistant manager, a young man of just 18, invited me to stay at his apartment, just a short walk away. This young man seemed to have everything that I had ever wanted. Prestige, power, he gave every indication that he was in control of his life and acted much older than his 18 years. That night, he told me the source of his strength. I was fascinated. He showed me the magic notions and occult objects, which he had accumulated. I was convinced. Later that night, we performed a ceremony, and I gave my life to Satan.

After I graduated from high school, my “teacher” and I moved away to attended college. The two of us attempted to begin our own satanic coven. Our coven was to consist of thirteen disciples but we were only able to recruit six, all of them males. The six of us shared a house, where we conducted what I call “freelance” satanic rituals, creating and improvising ceremonies freely. Coven activities included casting spells and desecrating Bibles and any other Christian articles that we could get our hands on. During this time I was in contact with demons on a regular basis, though not with Satan himself. Demons were powerful underlings, that were at my beckon call…or so I thought. Eventually the frightening and distasteful parts of satanism overshadowed the thrilling parts. I began to worry about where the coven might be headed. I knew that I could not participate in the next step . . . I knew that there were lines that even I would not cross. I wanted out.

I thought at the time, that the only thing left to do was to kill myself. To my dismay, I failed. I know now that only Divine intervention could have saved me from both the gun and the noose. After returning home, I tried to drink myself into oblivion, but found that the taste of beer turned my stomach. So instead, I lit a cigarette to calm my nerves…but it burned my lips! So finally, I, the satanist priest in the making, went to my room, lay in my bed and began to cry. I will never in my life forget what happened next. It was late at night. The rest of the coven was out partying so the house was empty. Out of the silence I heard a voice from beside my bed that said “Get Out!” I stopped crying and looked around the room expecting the presence of a demon. This was no demon. The voice moved to the foot of my bed and said again. “Get Out!” I remember being so shaken at the command that I immediately obeyed. I crawled out of the nearest window in my bedroom and onto the driveway…and into the presence of God. My knees went weak and I fell on my face, there was no mistaking Who this was. Looking up at the sky I pleaded, “Jesus, just make my life okay.”

I have come a long way from those days in satanism. I still believe in a spiritual reality. I believe in both demons and angels, evil and good. I have simply traded darkness for light. The Lord Jesus Christ has helped me through complete recovery. I have been married now for 18 years. My wife Liz and I live in South Carolina. With God’s help I have earned a M.A. in Pastoral Counseling and have launched Refuge Ministries. Together, we instruct others about the dangers of the Occult, New Age beliefs and other false teachings. We don’t just work with former satanists; I know how it feels to be a lonely and confused person, driven to despair. We are here for who ever the Lord would send.


If you need help, contact me.
Refuge Ministries

5 thoughts on “Delivered from Satanism and Demons”

  1. I’m possessed by a demon of fear. I love God. I’m a young man and it torments me day and night. Iv been for prayer many times. I need to know how to get it out. I read the bible. Worship God and everything. Its been like this for about 7 years

    1. Thanks for writing. You do not state what fears you have. Fears are a natural part of life. Some fears are good for us, such as a fear of falling from heights, or a fear of lightning, or a healthy fear of God. Some fears are irrational, like a fear of the dark, or the fear of speaking or being around others. Thus, not all fears are equal. Most young people, indeed most people, have irrational fears. Such is life.

      I take it that you feel your fears are the irrational kind. If so, I suggest that there may be a practical way to deal with them. If they represent fears you want to overcome, then take some time to engage and think through your fears. Try to find the basis for your fears. If it is the fear of speaking, are you afraid others will think you are not very smart or will laugh at you? If so, that is a pride issue. Swallow your pride and speak, seeking always to be a blessing to others.

      If you fear the outdoors, is the fear that you will die if you go outdoors? If so, you can consider the fact that most people do not die outdoors, that we all are in God’s hands, and in any case death is not a bad thing for a believer in Jesus.

      Once we figure out the reasons behind our fears and face those reasons, then we can apply wisdom to the actions we take to address our fears. Often, simply by doing what we fear we find that the thing was not as bad as we feared. But it is not wise to ignore all of our fears, as some fears protect us from harm.

      Some fears are deep-seated and may be linked to an imbalance of chemicals in the body. You state that you have had these fears for 7 years. Sometimes, going to a good doctor can help, if you have access to a good medical doctor.

      I am not a doctor and do not know your particular situation. But just as we ask God for our food and then use our hands to harvest and eat the food God provides for us, so we always want to ask God for relief from our irrational phobias and then do what we can to overcome them.

      I long have had a phobia of public speaking. It is irrational. I have prayed much about it. But I used to physically shake when speaking and would be very nervous, even though I told myself that there was no reason for the fear. Nevertheless, I signed up for a public speaking class in the university and went on to a career that required a great deal of public speaking. It was God’s way of dealing with my irrational fear. God often uses us in the very areas in which we think we are weakest.

      I encourage you to continue to ask God to give you wisdom in overcoming your fears and then take the practical steps needed to allow God to use you in overcoming your fears. Do not let your fears control you, but rather be an overcomer of your irrational fears. And you might want to talk to wise people you know who can help you work through your particular situation. Scriptures tell us to seek the counsel of others.

  2. Hi, I am a witch. I want to be set free from eternal damnation. I want to be free from astral projection. I want to be free but I do not know how or if I am allowed to be free. I thought nobody would see my secret sins. I had also been a pedophile, adulterer, satanisim, occultic, jezebel, manipulating and unholy woman for many years. I use to watch pornography, and I use to be in incestual relationships till I stopped at the age of 18, and I stopped watching porn in 2013. I am more serious to giving my life over to YAHUSHUA(Hebrew for JESUS CHRIST) and I don’t know what to do. Please e-mail me at [email protected] . I learn that powers of the enemy hurts people and causes my mind to mock and disrespect YAH(Hebrew for JEHOVAH).

    1. For God so loved you Laneshia, that he gave his only begotten Son. He punished him for every bad thing you have ever done, he took all your sins upon his himself
      and set you free from judgement.

      The bible says He who believes has passed from judgement into life. That eternal life is from Jesus who is God in the flesh. Satan is the father of deception. Jesus is the Father of love, life, forgiveness, mercy, joy, faith, restoration, peace and success. Who’s family would you rather belong to.

      So all you need to do is pray

      Lord Jesus i am a sinner, forgive my sins, i renounce satan and his evil works and i accept you as my Lord and Savior.
      I believe you died for me and you were resurrected on the third day to prove my sins have been…

  3. I have a close friend whose story is very similar to yours. I want to help him see the light and get him to stop worshipping Satan but he has no interest in stopping. It’s gotten so bad he’s brought demons/negative energies into my home and I’ve had to cut ties in order to protect my family. Is there anything/anyone who could help him?

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