Robby’s Christian Testimony

Robby’s testimony sounds eerily familiar. He knew God, but he ran from Him. I did the same. Sometimes it’s easier to doubt than it is to have faith. But God is not a God to easily give up on His people. He loves us and He wants us to return to Him. Click the link below to read Robby’s testimony.

Robby’s Christian Testimony

He’ll Move Your Mountain

A poem that reminds us that God is the same yesterday, today & forever. He still works miracles and He can work in your life.

The God we worship, the God of the Bible, is the same God who parted the Red Sea, saved Daniel from the lions, brought water from a rock, stopped time . . . we need to remember who He is and have faith that He can move the mountains in our lives.

He’ll Move Your Mountain

Yet Another Baptism Article

Some organizations teach that the act of baptism is what brings about salvation. We disagree.

Some organizations (like the Church of Christ) teach that baptism saves. They teach that we are not saved by faith. We are saved by baptism. They take it one step further. Say for example that I’m a Christian and I believe that I’m saved by grace, through faith. I’ve followed Scripture’s example and I’ve been baptized. Am I saved? Not according to the Church of Christ. I’m still damned, because I don’t believe that baptism saves. So even though I’ve repented of my sins, believe that Jesus Christ came to earth and died to save me from sin and death and have been baptized, I’m still not saved. Why? Because I don’t believe that the act of baptism is what brought about my salvation.

The following article further explains our translation of the preposition Greek preposition “eis” and reiterates that we’re saved through faith in the Jesus of the Bible.

Saved by Baptism or Faith?

Baptism & Salvation

Some say baptism is absolutely necessary for salvation? Is it? Does Scripture support that position?

This seems to be the never-ending topic.

So many people see baptism as a necessary requirement for salvation. Others go so far as to say it’s the act that brings salvation. We’re on the other side of the spectrum.

We see Scripture, time and again, telling us that we need to believe to be saved. Faith is the requirement. True faith will bring about a heart change. Being saved isn’t about some external act; it’s about running to God, trusting in Him, believing in His holy Word, living in constant communion with Him and being guided daily by His Holy Spirit.

It’s about having a relationship with the Jesus of the Bible.

Baptism & Salvation

Parable of the Fern and the Bamboo Tree

A Christian poem about trusting God. He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.

Vinita sent us a poem about waiting on God. Sometimes we lose faith. We give up on God; we don’t believe He’ll keep His promises. But His Word promises that He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it.

Never lose hope! God will never give up on us.

Read the Parable of the Fern and the Bamboo Tree here

Brought to Enlightenment

A Christian poem about faith and prayer.

Joe’s latest submission is an excellent reminder of the power of prayer and importance of faith.

Be sure to check out Joe’s Squidoo lens: Book of Poetry – Reaching Toward His Unbounded Glory.

Read Joe’s latest poem:

Brought to Enlightenment

Are We Universalists?

We are not universalists.

Someone recently asked us (based on their reading of our statement of faith) if we are universalists.

A universalist, basically, is someone who believes that all men will be saved, because Christ died for all. While we believe that Jesus died for everyone, unfortunately, not everyone will accept His gift of eternal life.

If you want to know what we believe, check out the following article.

Are We Universalists?

Medical Care? Or Prayer?

Should parents who pray in lieu of seeking medical care for a sick child be held culpable if the child dies?

A child dies. Her parents prayed for her life. Friends, relatives and onlookers encouraged the parents to obtain medical care. They refused, believing prayer and faith would heal their child. It didn’t.

Should these parents be held culpable for the death of their child? Should they be prosecuted as murderers? Can parents have faith and still obtain medical care?

Find out what we think by reading our article:

Medical Care or Prayer?

Feel free to weigh in on the issue yourself.