Karen’s Testimony

Karen’s personal testimony – the story of the prodigal daughter.

I love stories like these. I guess it’s because I’ve heard so many of them. I guess it’s because it’s like mine.

So many parents have to deal with the grief of their child (or children) running away from God’s truth. They raise them to believe, but then watch helplessly as their children leave the fold and venture into sin.

God has a tendency to bring His children back to Himself. He does not want even one to be lost. If you’re the parent of such a child, be encouraged by Karen’s story.

Karen’s Christian Testimony

Anonymous Testimony

An anonymous testimony from the pen of an 11-year old. I Timothy 4:12

I always like it when I get a testimony that has a name attached to it, but I also like it when I get a testimony from a child. This testimony is straight from the pen of an 11-year old child. One of her statements is key: Accepting Him was the best decision ever. Was it the best decision you’ve ever made?

An Anonymous Testimony

Medical Care? Or Prayer?

Should parents who pray in lieu of seeking medical care for a sick child be held culpable if the child dies?

A child dies. Her parents prayed for her life. Friends, relatives and onlookers encouraged the parents to obtain medical care. They refused, believing prayer and faith would heal their child. It didn’t.

Should these parents be held culpable for the death of their child? Should they be prosecuted as murderers? Can parents have faith and still obtain medical care?

Find out what we think by reading our article:

Medical Care or Prayer?

Feel free to weigh in on the issue yourself.