Medical Care? Or Prayer?

Should parents who pray in lieu of seeking medical care for a sick child be held culpable if the child dies?

A child dies. Her parents prayed for her life. Friends, relatives and onlookers encouraged the parents to obtain medical care. They refused, believing prayer and faith would heal their child. It didn’t.

Should these parents be held culpable for the death of their child? Should they be prosecuted as murderers? Can parents have faith and still obtain medical care?

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Medical Care or Prayer?

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2 thoughts on “Medical Care? Or Prayer?”

  1. In all human reality-with all the gifts He has given us-with the children and the medical care…yes. There are so many religions that are not allowing it-say only prayer, and if He/She dies-it is all in His plan. That is not true. He gives more than second chances. He has reasons for a lot of these “near deaths” to come forth…whether it is to wake up the parents-get them focused on a relationship in Christ in faith-or the nurse or doctor doing their all to make sure the child will live…or friends/family/even strangers we run into when down the hall of the hospital, in tears-but faith. I have been there. And my 7 yr old made sure the lady loosing her husband knew Jesus Christ, and she just cried-and came back to us for more. God bless Him for how He works thru all ages, sick and well. He does all this for the Glory of Him. At times-it is to test our faith…if we do lose our child-even when taken care of in the hospital-we have to remember-that child is HIS-and will be loved so much with Him. We have to stay strong…and when we do-He rolls out His plans for that faith we endure. I have a friend that went thru that-lost her 4 yr old to leukemia in 2mos-hospital just couldn’t save him. And they were tested…and they remained strong…never thought she could get pregnant again-it was so complicated before. But He showed her differently with their amazing faith and love for Him and each other…and she just had her baby 2 days ago!! Praise Him…
    Medical care is my life…without it-I wouldn’t be typing-prayer is also my life…without it, I wouldn’t stay strong…and get over the tough bumps I have until Jesus is thru with my medical issue for His glory…til then-I pray…and praise Him!
    God Bless you all…doctors don’t hurt…they have been around since the biblical days…find the right one that cares…Jesus will guide you thru!

    In His Love and Care,

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