Jesus – Another Poem by Mike

Mechanical prayer doesn’t cut it. We serve a living God who loves us and wants to interact with us.

Mike Bullock is a fount of poetry.

He’s recently sent us another poem he entitled “Jesus.” It’s a good reminder not to let our prayer lives get mechanical.

Read Mike’s latest submission:


P.S. Don’t forget to check out his site . . . Mike’s Odes.

Should We Pray to Jesus? Or to the Father?

Should we direct our prayers to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or God the Father? Or does it matter?

When we pray, should we direct our prayers to Jesus? Or should we direct them to the Holy Spirit? Or should we pray to God the Father? Or does it matter at all?

Check out the model for prayer, found in Scripture.

Should We Pray to the Father or Jesus?

Brought to Enlightenment

A Christian poem about faith and prayer.

Joe’s latest submission is an excellent reminder of the power of prayer and importance of faith.

Be sure to check out Joe’s Squidoo lens: Book of Poetry – Reaching Toward His Unbounded Glory.

Read Joe’s latest poem:

Brought to Enlightenment

Medical Care? Or Prayer?

Should parents who pray in lieu of seeking medical care for a sick child be held culpable if the child dies?

A child dies. Her parents prayed for her life. Friends, relatives and onlookers encouraged the parents to obtain medical care. They refused, believing prayer and faith would heal their child. It didn’t.

Should these parents be held culpable for the death of their child? Should they be prosecuted as murderers? Can parents have faith and still obtain medical care?

Find out what we think by reading our article:

Medical Care or Prayer?

Feel free to weigh in on the issue yourself.