Surrendering 100% | David’s Christian Testimony

This is a truly amazing testimony (my humble opinion). David led a life of drugs, crime, gangs, women . . . he was incarcerated time after time and racked up the felonies and misdemeanors. Finally, after attempting suicide and committing so many crimes, he was incarcerated again. Now, he’s currently in prison. But God has turned his life around he’s leading a Bible study in prison. As crazy as it sounds, he believes that God placed him there in order that he might completely surrender his life to God and carry out God’s Word. Wow!

Surrendering 100% | David’s Christian Testimony

Am I Qualified to Preach?

Am I, a sinner, qualified to preach?

I’m a sinner. But I’ve been asked to preach. I’m about to preach my first sermon. But as I said, I’m a sinner. In fact, I struggle with drugs. I don’t feel qualified to preach God’s holy word. But I believe in Him. I love Him. I’m determined to overcome my sin. Should I preach the sermon?

Am I Qualified to Preach?

Matthew’s Christian Testimony

Matthew left behind a lifestyle of drugs, partying and homosexuality and found freedom in a new life with Jesus Christ.

Matthew had long been involved in partying, drugs and homosexuality. But God pursued him and Matthew answered God’s call, leaving behind his old lifestyle and embracing his new life in Jesus Christ.

Matthew’s Christian Testimony

Jeffrey’s Christian Testimony

Satisfaction can’t be found in relationships, drugs, jobs—it can only be found in a relationship with the Jesus of the Bible.

Jeffrey looked for happiness in a lot of places. He tried marriage and having a family. But his marriage ended in divorce. He tried drugs. He tried other relationships. He tried different jobs. Nothing provided lasting satisfaction. Finally he tried Jesus. The rest is history.

Jeffrey’s Christian Testimony

Kenneth’s Christian Testimony

Are you at the end of your rope? Ready to give up on life? Read this powerful testimony of deliverance.

Kenneth lived a life of hard-core drugs and violence. Living his life for the Jesus of the Bible was not in his plans. But God has a way of finding and setting free those who are at the end of their rope . . .

I took a gun and went to a riverbank in Texas. It was there on a hot sunny day that I would take my last breath. On that clear sunny day, with blue skies, I knelt down against a tree and lifted the gun up. As I went to pull the trigger . . .

Kenneth’s Christian Testimony

Brian’s Testimony—Freedom from Drugs

Brian’s testimony of how the Jesus of the Bible delivered him from the grasp of drugs and alcohol.

Brian’s testimony really struck me tonight. Maybe because it’s like my own. I know what it’s like to be trapped in an endless circle of sin, seemingly unable to escape. But praise God—He always provides a way out. He loves us and He wants us to return to Him. If you’re ensnared in drugs, or pornography, or any other sin that seems to have you by the throat—don’t despair. Jesus will never give up on You. He started a work in your heart and He will complete it. You might be saying, “Well, God never started a work in my heart so He has nothing to complete!” You can throw that excuse out the window. He brought you here, and you’re about to read Brian’s testimony, so . . .

Brian’s Christian Testimony

No Substitute

Potions, pills, religions, cults-they provide temporary fixes to mend lives filled with pain & loss. But there’s only one true fix.

This poem reminds us that nothing the world can offer provides true fulfillment. Sure, drugs will cover pain for a short while. Sex can make us feel loved and happy – temporarily. Psychologists provide advice on how to be happy. Oprah tells us what to do to be successful. Movies, the Internet, music, video games, careers . . . the list of temporary fixes goes on forever.

But there is only one true source of fulfillment and that is Jesus Christ.

No Substitute

A Purposeless Life

For Liz, life lacked purpose. But she met Jesus Christ, and found her reason for living.

When life lacks meaning, where do you turn? Some turn to drugs or drinking, others turn to pornography, still others delve into their careers, searching in vain for the ever-elusive purpose.

Liz understood what it meant to feel empty and bitter. Then she met Jesus Christ – the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Read Liz’s’ testimony here.

Drugs, Jail, Hepatitis C, and Hopelessness

An anonymous Christian testimony of the hope that Jesus gives to undeserving people.

You know what makes me happy? My God’s not picky. Otherwise, I’d still be hitting the bong and slamming cases of Lucky Lager. He forgave me. He picked me up out of the muck and set me on solid ground. If I were Him (thankfully I’m not) I wouldn’t want people like me.

This anonymous testimony recently sent in to us reinforces this point. This guy lived for drugs. He hated people. He robbed people. He lied. He slept around. He really didn’t deserve forgiveness (think about it – none of us do).

But like I said, my God’s not picky.

Read this testimony of God’s amazing grace and unending forgiveness.

New Testimony – Freedom from Drugs

A Christian testimony describing a chaotic journey through a world of drugs and alcohol.

We’ve added yet another unbelievable Christian testimony to truthsaves. This is Scot’s story. He lived life numbed by alcohol and hard drugs. Doctors actually told his family members to start preparing for his death. He had no hope, or so it seemed.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for peace and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.
Jeremiah 29:11 (ESV)

Read Scot’s amazing journey through the valley of the shadow of death.