Am I Qualified to Preach?

Am I, a sinner, qualified to preach?

I’m a sinner. But I’ve been asked to preach. I’m about to preach my first sermon. But as I said, I’m a sinner. In fact, I struggle with drugs. I don’t feel qualified to preach God’s holy word. But I believe in Him. I love Him. I’m determined to overcome my sin. Should I preach the sermon?

Am I Qualified to Preach?

One thought on “Am I Qualified to Preach?”

  1. Just read your message. I was a heroin addict for over 12 years til Jesus healed me 5 years ago. During those horrific times I felt the holy spirit right next to me. God knows your heart and you want to change and that you love him. I believe you can go out there and preach a sermon. Souls could be saved by listening to what you have to say. So think about it do you think Jesus wants those souls? Of course. Jesus knows we are not perfect. You need to ask his forgiveness before you preach the sermon. Also you need to ask him to help you and to mean it from the bottom of your heart. My life was so bad I lost my children and my home. Praise god that he gave it all back to me. God can and will use you. Don’t let Satan make you think you are worthless. Let those without sin cast the first stone says it all for me. Go out there and make Jesus proud of you. God bless

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