No Substitute

There are many hurting people
Use the world to help their ills
Buying loads of useless fodder
Cults, Religions, Potions, Pills
satan’s laughing at their pain
he wants them all to go to hell
Where the cries of screaming inmates
Toll their everlasting bell.

There’s no substitute for Christ
No matter what we’re going through
Though the world can help us out
It only lasts a day or two
Then the gnawing starts again
It cannot fill the God shaped hole
He’s the only piece that fits
He’s our only peace at all.

A Christian poem by:  Mike Bullock

2 thoughts on “No Substitute”

  1. Your contribution is indeed an asset to this site. We need more writings that depict a basic Gospel message. Keep up your great contributions !
    Colan Hiatt

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