Yet Another Baptism Article

Some organizations teach that the act of baptism is what brings about salvation. We disagree.

Some organizations (like the Church of Christ) teach that baptism saves. They teach that we are not saved by faith. We are saved by baptism. They take it one step further. Say for example that I’m a Christian and I believe that I’m saved by grace, through faith. I’ve followed Scripture’s example and I’ve been baptized. Am I saved? Not according to the Church of Christ. I’m still damned, because I don’t believe that baptism saves. So even though I’ve repented of my sins, believe that Jesus Christ came to earth and died to save me from sin and death and have been baptized, I’m still not saved. Why? Because I don’t believe that the act of baptism is what brought about my salvation.

The following article further explains our translation of the preposition Greek preposition “eis” and reiterates that we’re saved through faith in the Jesus of the Bible.

Saved by Baptism or Faith?