He’ll Move Your Mountain

It’s faith that moves mountains
It’s faith that will please
Our Father in heaven
Who witnesses these:

A child that will love Him
Who prays ev’ry day.
A father, a mother
Who teach God’s true way.

A tongue that will speak truth
A heart that is right.
A longing to serve Him
With all of our might.

Faith is the victory
The old Hymns proclaim.
Our God has moved mountains
And He’s still the same.

The God of the Bible
Moves mountains today.
For those who will trust Him
And humbly obey.

He will move your mountain.
He will part the sea.
He’ll answer from heaven.
Providing your need.

He cares for His children
And He hears their cry.
Our Father of mercy
No doubt, will supply.

So don’t get discouraged
And keep to the test.
Tell Jesus your problem
And He’ll do what’s best.

A Christian poem by:  Treasure ~ April 12, 2011

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