Heidy’s Christian Testimony

From an ardent critic to an outspoken supporter of the Jesus of the Bible. Heidy’s testimony.

Heidy didn’t experience any sudden transformations from sinner to saint. But she did go from criticizing Christianity to being a devout follower of the Jesus of the Bible. I always love it when God transforms a doubting heart.

Heidy’s Christian Testimony

From Atheist to Believer

From Atheist to Believer – a hard-core atheist and miserable drug addict turns to Jesus.

I recently received this moving story from Shawn. He lived a life full of pain and regret. He was a hard-core atheist and fully addicted to drugs. He spent years of his life wallowing in misery and depression. Find out how God freed him from all of it.

One detail that might go unnoticed in this story really struck me. As Shawn lived in a hotel for months on end, he threw a Bible away a number of times. Every time he came back to his room the maid had taken it out of the trash and put it on his bed or nightstand. We don’t know that maid’s name or anything about her. What we know is that her commitment to pulling that Bible out of the trash ultimately saved Shawn’s life.

Let her example encourage you to listen to Jesus today.

From Atheist to Believer

Fate . . . Sometimes it Affects Us

Fate definitely factors into this Christian testimony.

I admit it. I don’t believe in Fate. Well, I didn’t until I read this testimony. Now I’m a firm believer.

This testimony will suck you in. You’ll wander around in her psychedelic world, then you’ll finish and wonder, “Does this sort of thing really happen?” I did.

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