Pre-Tribulation Rapture

We believe in a pre-tribulation rapture because we believe that’s what the Bible teaches.

Do we believe in a pre-tribulation rapture because we’re afraid of suffering? No. Well, we don’t really want to suffer, and that would be a scary thing, but we believe in a pre-tribulation rapture because that’s what we think Scripture teaches.

Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Would a God of Love Really Allow Suffering and send People to Hell?

Could a loving God really allow as much suffering as there is in this world? And would He really send people to hell?

Someone recently wrote in with a classic question that has stumped many for ages.

Why would a God of love allow suffering? Think of all the suffering in this world! People are starving. People are dying of diseases and natural disasters. Innocent people suffer in unbelievable ways.

And what about hell? What sort of a “loving God” would send His “precious subjects” to a horrid place like hell? Would God really do such a thing?

Find out whether we think a loving God and suffering are incompatible.

A Loving God Who Allows Suffering and Sends People to Hell?

Unnamed Poem

This poem reminds us that our job is to submit to His will and remain faithful ’til the end.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what God’s thinking. Our lives seem full of needless suffering and pain. We do all we can to please Him . . . yet, life remains hard. We don’t understand.

This poem reflects on God’s sovereignty as He guides and directs our lives. Our job is simply to submit to His will and remain faithful ’til the end.

Unnamed Poem

Why do Christians Suffer?

The Bible makes it clear that Christians will experience suffering.

Jesus came to earth to deliver Christians from suffering.

I’ve heard that one before. In fact, I’ve heard it quite often. My question to those who think that is, “Where in the Bible are you getting your information?” Since the dawn of time, Christians have suffered. Scan the list of God’s saints and find one who didn’t suffer. Noah. Joseph. David. Job. Hosea. Isaiah. John the Baptist. Paul. Peter. I could go on.

Why do Christians suffer? Find out what Scripture says about it.

Why Do Christians Suffer?