Why do Christians Suffer?

The Bible makes it clear that Christians will experience suffering.

Jesus came to earth to deliver Christians from suffering.

I’ve heard that one before. In fact, I’ve heard it quite often. My question to those who think that is, “Where in the Bible are you getting your information?” Since the dawn of time, Christians have suffered. Scan the list of God’s saints and find one who didn’t suffer. Noah. Joseph. David. Job. Hosea. Isaiah. John the Baptist. Paul. Peter. I could go on.

Why do Christians suffer? Find out what Scripture says about it.

Why Do Christians Suffer?

3 thoughts on “Why do Christians Suffer?”

  1. Thank you for this excellent post. I realize someone in the midst of struggle might not receive this well, but God never promises His people an exemption from the pain common to the human race. In fact, Christians are told to expect persecution (II Tim. 3:12). I think Christians have to commit to accepting this concept while they are enjoying peace in their lives; otherwise there will be nothing to hold onto when the storms of life come.

    A Purpose Bigger Than the Pain

  2. I do not know if you read Peter Kreeft’s book “Making Sense out of Suffering.” It is a great little book from a Catholic professor who obviously has given a lot of thought to the issue as a Christian. I have been impressed with his scholarship and writings. His books are intellectually honest and well reasoned and challenging. If you have not read it, I think you will find it a refreshing voice on the subject.

    May the Lord Jesus bless you.

  3. I became a Christian late in life-and because of suffering. It was a blessing that it all happpened. It is unfortunately, not a disorder I can just get rid of on my own…it is one I have had my whole life, and feel He brought into my life-for me to find Him, come close to Him, and need Him-focusing constantly, sharing His word in amazement-and helping others with epilepsy as well-through His word. He blessed me with two amazing brain surgeries that helped sooo much…but ai continue to have health issues, and it comes with epilepsy, and medication I take-hand and hand. I as long as I am close to Him, in faith…it keeps growing…my walk is strong…and I talk to others about their needs and trials-how I can pray for them-not my issues. And that is the best feeling and gift He gave me. To be selfless. Humble. Do I pray for it to subside if in His will today-sure…but I also know Philippians 1:29 very well-and cling to that. He loves me-has reasons for it-and I have lived many of them out in gladness! Praise Him. The day He takes me-I will be in a totally beautiful-healthy, Godly body…Amen to that!
    In His Love,

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