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Question from a Site Viewer
I’d like some help in finding my true family; I am oppressed by paganism and occultism/witchcraft, and would like a non-wiccan family in Christ Jesus.

Tim’s Answer
As a follower of Christ, our true family is those who do the will of God (Mark 3:33-35). Sometimes, when our physical family is not seeking to follow Christ, it makes our lives as Christians very difficult. I do not know your age or situation. But if you are a minor living with your physical family, my encouragement is to read your Bible, pray always, endure with patience your situation, and love God and others. If possible, you might also find Christian music to be a real source of inspiration and comfort. And if you can attend a good church, that would be a huge blessing.

If you are an adult, then you have more choices. You can move away from your present situation and seek Christian fellowship. You might try some of the churches in the area. You want a church that teaches the Word of God and that practices love towards each other, as Jesus taught us to do. You can check out the websites of churches in your local area. If you would like our assistance, you can let us know your general location and we might be able to help find some local fellowship. Otherwise, my suggestion is to look on the Internet for churches that teach the Word of God and practice loving one another. While there are many churches that I would not recommend, there are many good churches of various denominations where you can be part of a Christian family. You will want to stay away from churches that proclaim a Jesus other than the Jesus the Bible teaches, such as the Mormons, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Way, Christian Scientists, and others who deny the truths that Christians historically have believed. But there are many churches of many denominations and many independent churches that seek to live out the Christ life in a way that is open and loving. Once you find a church that seems promising, you might email them and ask them some questions. You also might visit them and see if the church is a good fit for you. Ultimately, it would be good to be part of a thriving church community, if you can find a good church.

I trust that this information is beneficial. May the Lord Jesus keep you and bless you always with His presence.

seeking to follow Jesus,


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