How to Respond to Bad Theology

Question from a Site Viewer
I think ____________ are so far out in left field! Where do they get their crazy ideas and their terribly bad theology? I think we should diligently search Scripture and let them know how and why they’re wrong.

Tim’s Answer
I do find it interesting that Christians often hold such radically different opinions on the same text. And I find some of the positions strangely foreign to the text. But I suspect some have the same view of some of my positions. What I strive to do is manage such matters with the fruit of the Spirit in mind, and the wisdom that comes from above, and the admonition of Paul to Timothy. I want my speech to be with grace. It is for this reason that I take issue with the “gotcha” mentality of many today, who seek to find a hole in someone else’s position or person and exploit it to the fullest. We tend to love it when someone on our side scores. But I suggest that such is the attitude of the sons of Adam, not the sons of God. Thus, I desire to have a robust faith that can exist in a world of competing ideas, and hold its own, not because everyone else becomes convinced of its rightness, but because after considering all other arguments I find them less accurate to the Scriptural text than the position I presently hold. And if this is not so, then I will change my position, which I have done on some matters. But if I fail to speak with love and grace, even for those who are in error, then I have failed my God. I appreciate your desire to allow the words of Scripture to also inform not only your positions but your attitude towards His precious ones.

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